CALGARY, CA--(Marketwired - October 06, 2016) - Ducktoes Computer Services is immensely proud to announce the creation of a new $1,500 bursary for women pursuing an education in the field of technology -- the Ducktoes SEO Women in Technology Bursary.

This bursary recognizes the extra financial burdens many women can face while pursuing a post-secondary education in technology, and is meant to encourage and provide tangible support for women's training, involvement, and contributions to the ever-growing field of technology.

Studies have repeatedly shown that women are consistently under-represented when it comes to careers in science, technology, engineering, or math (ie. STEM). As an example, in 1987 only 20% of the STEM workforce consisted of women. Almost 30 years later, in 2015, that percentage barely rose to an underwhelming 22%.

The reasons for this dramatic under-representation are many, but much of it boils down to a truly discouraging lack of support for women interested in pursuing studies in the field.

Furthermore, as of 2014 only 30% of the tech workforce was female. Combine that with the fact that these tenacious women made an average of around 10% less than their male counterparts and we start to get a clearer picture of the real world forces working against a woman's desire to study and work in technology.

It was with these facts in mind, as well as her own experiences as a woman studying and working in technology, that Calgary small business owner Cathie Dunklee-Donnell of Ducktoes SEO and Computer Services decided to start a bursary specifically for women pursuing an education in the field of technology.

As a SAIT graduate and former teacher, Cathie notes:

"The reason I was able to start and run a successful tech business was because of my training in computer technology from SAIT and I'm so glad I persevered and followed through with my studies. It wasn't easy -- I had a young family to care for, but the rewards made it all worth it."

-- Catherine Dunklee-Donnell,
Owner, Ducktoes SEO and Computer Services

After learning computer networking and technology at SAIT, Dunklee-Donnell found that many opportunities opened for her, leading to her success as an entrepreneur in business. She now wants to help other women be successful through careers in technology.

The goal of this award is to enable these students to continue their education without interruption due to financial hardship. Additional life circumstances such as parental/caregiver status, disabilities, unexpected life events, and other such situations or events can be taken into consideration.

The current recession Alberta is suffering has made the need for an award like this even more pressing. As everyone looks to reduce expenses, scholarships and bursaries of all sorts have become absolute necessities for the many students who rely on external funding for their education. "It is our hope that other companies will start doing this too," says Cathie, adding, "this is one area where we really don't mind the competition copying us!"

Students interested in applying for this bursary are encouraged to visit for more details and to complete the application form.

To see more information on the website, please go to the Calgary SEO agency's webpage.



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