EventBoard Rebrands to Teem to Power the Office of the Future

Launches the Teem Workplace Productivity Analytics Index to Benchmark Challenges and Best Practices for Optimizing Employee Engagement

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - Oct 11, 2016) - EventBoard, a developer of cloud-based meeting tools and analytics helping companies reclaim productivity, today announced it has changed its name to Teem to better represent the full breadth of its products and vision to create workplaces where people, places and technology work seamlessly together. In addition, today Teem revealed its Workplace Productivity Analytics Index, an interactive resource benchmarking trends and best practices in collaboration while demonstrating the evolving nature of workplace culture.

The Index data reveals key changes in office coordination including the elimination of the large boardroom as meetings continue to shrink in size and spotlights barriers to effective collaboration, and the fact that employees do not show up to almost half of scheduled meetings. The Index enables companies to compare their meeting room analytics with global and national averages to optimize office space and improve overall workplace collaboration and productivity.

"As a company rooted in data and focused on collaboration, it is important that we continue to offer our teams, and our clients' teams, innovative solutions that help them work better together," said Shaun Ritchie, Teem CEO and co-founder. "We've always seen the future of work as people, places and technology working seamlessly together. Our new name, Teem, embodies the coming together of these elements with energy and efficiency. The Index and recent integration with core systems such as JIRA and Insights API help bring data to life by introducing collaborative and frictionless digital solutions to maximize employee engagement, happiness and productivity."

Teem's Workplace Productivity Analytics Index will provide real-time trend benchmarking via an aggregated analysis of meeting room data from over 2,000 customers worldwide. Available to view for everyone and at anytime, the Index will be updated on a monthly basis so people can view evolving trends in workplace culture and collaboration across nine metrics, including the average number of meeting attendees, average length of meetings and how many meetings are scheduled last minute versus planned.

Data accrued via the analytics center to create the Teem Workplace Productivity Index reinforces what Teem has declared from day one: analytics can provide businesses with the necessary intelligence to shape how their people, their workspace and their technology, can work together to achieve maximum results. Key findings include:

  • The Death of the Boardroom -- Large meetings can drain productivity, proving that businesses should reconsider investing in large conference rooms and instead opt for collaborative areas where smaller groups can privately meet.
    • Globally, only six percent of meetings have 10 or more attendees, while 76 percent of meetings include only one to three participants. Businesses operating on Central time have the highest number of participants with 10 percent of meetings including 10 or more attendees.
    • Twenty percent of meetings are booked within 15 minutes of taking place, making it difficult for facilities and IT managers to plan suitable space and secure equipment needs for employees.
    • Ten percent of meetings include non-employee participants; Central time businesses reported the highest percentage (19 percent) of meetings with external participants, while those on Pacific time reported the lowest (9 percent) non-employee attendees.

  • Ghost Meetings Haunt Efficiency -- "Ghost" meetings eat-up workspace and create false congestion for collaborative areas, putting a strain on shared resources. Lack of available rooms delay meetings, increases frustration and can impact decision making, ultimately taking a toll on productivity and results.
    • Over 30 percent of scheduled meetings worldwide are no-shows; this data includes 'zombie meetings' -- recurring meetings with zero attendees.
    • Ghost meetings haunt calendars across the globe, with the worst offenders for ghost meetings being: Pacific time (40 percent), Mountain time (40 percent), Eastern time (39 percent) and Europe (39 percent).
    • Contrary to the previous statistic, employees operating on Central time and in the Asia Pacific time zone appear to be the most punctual and reliable for meeting attendance, with only 15 percent and nine percent of scheduled meetings resulting in no shows, respectively.

  • Tech Is Reclaiming The Workspace -- By allowing employees to reclaim cancelled or ghost meetings, employees can make better use of collaborative space.
    • By implementing technologies like Teem that monitor meeting room usage, up to 15 percent of ghost meetings have been reclaimed.
    • On average, each meeting room is only used 38 percent (3.3 hours in total per room per day) of the time that they are available; although many rooms appear to be out of commission due to ghost meetings.

In addition to the Index, Teem recently released a range of product updates and core system integrations including JIRA integration, Webhooks and Insights API, all helping employees work more easily and efficiently.

Thanks to its innovative conference room display and analytics, Teem has transformed the way companies plan, coordinate and conduct meetings. Teem currently serves a diverse customer base of thousands of companies, ranging from finance to technology, with partners from small businesses to larger corporations including Uber, Twitter, Dropbox, GE, Viacom, National Instruments, and more.

About Teem
Teem is a cloud-based software and analytics platform for meeting management and analysis that helps companies maximize their workspace and enable their employees to work more efficiently. The platform provides employee-focused meeting tools and activity-driven insights, including eye-catching conference room displays, streamlined visitor management and detailed space use analytics that drive better decisions on space and facilities utilization. To date, the Salt Lake City-based startup has raised over $20 million in capital from NGP, GE, Google Ventures, Greycroft Partners, Zetta Venture Partners, Origin Ventures, Marc Benioff, Dave Elkington and Josh James, among others. The Teem display software is available on a variety of Apple iPad™ and Android tablets (requirements apply) as well as Marshmallow and Android Nougat operating systems. The platform integrates with many existing calendar systems, including Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365. For more information on Teem, visit www.teem.com.

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