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Terbium Labs Partners With Skry to Improve Security of Cryptocurrencies

Combined Intelligence Offering Speeds Detection of Cyber Crimes on Blockchains; Continuously Monitors for Bitcoin Public Keys on the Dark Web

BALTIMORE, MD and PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - October 12, 2016) - Dark web data intelligence provider Terbium Labs and Skry, a leading blockchain analytics and intelligence company, have partnered to help financial institutions, law enforcement and Bitcoin companies quickly detect fraud and investigate criminal activity on distributed ledger technologies like Bitcoin and other blockchains.

Bitcoin, and its underlying blockchain technology, is under attack from sophisticated persistent threats executed by individual criminals or organized financial crime syndicates. Hacked exchanges, extorted businesses, and the financing of drug trafficking or terrorist organizations, permissionless blockchains and the nature of digital and decentralized currencies have opened the door to a wide variety of illicit actors. To combat financial crime such as fraud, money-laundering, and theft in the era of digital currencies, effective threat intelligence and risk assessment solutions must be able to manage large-scale structured and unstructured data from the clear and dark web.

Combining big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, Skry's end-to-end data platform addresses the transaction monitoring challenges facing the use of Bitcoin, providing powerful real-time intelligence, risk assessment, and forensic tools to investigate suspicious activity, identify legal and illegal entities, and adhere to regulatory compliance. Skry users will now benefit from the integration of data feeds from Terbium Labs' dark web data intelligence system, Matchlight, to monitor appearances of Bitcoin wallet addresses on the dark web in a private and secure manner.

Leveraging a large-scale dark web search engine and a patented data fingerprinting technology, Matchlight is designed to continuously scan for stolen or sensitive data, in this instance Bitcoin public keys. With this integration, the Skry analytics platform is alerted to the appearances of Bitcoin wallet addresses, triggering further data aggregation and processing steps and providing critical associative information.

"We are pleased to collaborate with Skry in their efforts to safeguard digital currencies and preserve the demand for enhanced privacy in public ledgers," said Tyler Carbone, Chief Operating Officer of Terbium Labs. "Terbium's unique approach to dark web monitoring gives Skry customers the crucial data needed to advance an investigation, mitigate risk, and combat fraudulent or criminal activity quickly."

"We are excited to work with Terbium Labs and enrich our platform with data from the dark web," said Fabio Federici, Chief Executive Officer of Skry, Inc. "Making Terbium Labs' exceptional technology part of Skry's blockchain intelligence platform will unlock unprecedented insights and provide critical information to our customers."

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About Terbium Labs
Terbium Labs protects organizations from relentless attempts to steal data for personal, monetary, or political gain. Offering continuous, private, and proactive monitoring of critical data, Terbium Labs enables companies to better manage risk in a dynamic business environment and keep high-value data safe. Matchlight, Terbium Labs' data intelligence system, automatically alerts companies when elements of their data appear in unexpected places on the dark web. With Matchlight, companies avoid the uncertainty and delays inherent in waiting for third parties to discover and report data breaches, helping to dramatically reduce the cost of a data breach while keeping customer trust and loyalty intact. Learn more about Terbium Labs' automated, affordable and actionable approach to information security by visiting or follow us on Twitter @TerbiumLabs.

About Skry, Inc.
Skry is the leading Blockchain analytics and intelligence startup based out of Silicon Valley. Skry provides a data platform that enables financial institutions and law enforcement to derive real­time business intelligence and risk assessment from Blockchains and decentralized applications. Its first product allows financial institutions, law enforcement, and Bitcoin companies to detect suspicious activity on the Blockchain and identify legal and illegal entities, enabling them to comply with regulations around compliance and investigate cyber-crimes like ransomware extortions, terror financing or drug trafficking on the dark web. Learn more about Skry's blockchain intelligence platform by visiting or follow us on Twitter @SkryTech

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