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Drug Companies' Launch Sequencing Strategy Influences Approval Team Structure

75% of Pharma Companies have an Ad Hoc Committee Responsible for Launch Sequencing

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwired - October 18, 2016) - Research conducted by Cutting Edge Information found that three-fourths of all surveyed pharmaceutical firms reported having ad hoc launch sequencing committees in charge of developing a new drug's launch order. The remaining 25% of surveyed companies claimed that they assign dedicated launch sequencing teams to launch sequencing activities.

According to Managing Market Access Launch Activities: Benchmarking Product Commercialization and Cross-Functional Coordination, 71% of Top 10 and Top 50 pharma companies have ad hoc launch sequencing committees, while the remaining 29% reported having dedicated launch sequencing teams instead. Small companies behaved in a similar respect, with 78% claiming to use ad hoc launch sequencing committees and the other 22% constructing dedicated launch sequencing teams.

"Companies that invested in individual launch sequences typically place dedicated groups in charge of developing the launch order," said Jacob Presson, senior consultant at Cutting Edge Information. "However, companies with ad hoc committees can still maintain the flexibility and resources to create a unique product launch sequence if the need arises."

Portfolio size also plays a role in the organization of launch sequencing responsibilities. The study found that 80% of pharma companies with large portfolios (defined as 15 or more products) and medium portfolios (6-15 products) reported that ad hoc launch sequencing committees were in charge. However, 67% of surveyed pharma companies with small portfolios said that ad hoc launch sequencing committees were responsible for timing individual markets' launch activities; the other 33% reported that dedicated launch sequencing teams handled this area instead.

Managing Market Access Launch Activities: Benchmarking Product Commercialization and Cross-Functional Coordination, available at, analyzes market access teams before and during the crucial window for new product launches. The data analysis focuses on amrket access spending, staffing, and internal coordination. Report highlights include:

  • Benchmarks on global launch sequencing.
  • Spending by function before, during, and after launch.
  • Data showing number of managed market account managers during the launch window.
  • Trends in health economics delivery channels to external stakeholders.

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