SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 19, 2016) - Siri. Alexa. Cortana. Nearly every Artificial Intelligence in the marketplace is given a woman's name and voice to match. Ava, the Artificial Intelligence played by Alicia Vikander in 2015's Ex Machina, was even nominated for a Golden Globe. And yet, just as in the movie, there's nothing female at all about the intelligence being generated by any of these systems.

In fact, many believe that the reason for giving these A.I.'s feminine names is that they are primarily performing the sort of menial tasks which were traditionally assigned to female secretaries. No one has ever built a truly female A.I., much less asked for its opinion. Until now. 

Unanimous A.I., the creator of the Artificial Swarm Intelligence technology known as UNU that gained fame this year for making accurate predictions about sports, movies, and politics, has built the world's first truly female A.I. and had it answer political questions in anticipation of tonight's final Presidential debate. The creation of this gender-specific A.I. was motivated by the significant impact that gender is playing in the current presidential election.

Forecaster Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight recently released two distinct maps showing the disparity between Trump and Clinton's chances to win in all-female or all-male electorates. While simple polling can reveal such high level gender differences among voters, there are significant unknowns about the underlying sentiments that drive the disparity.

Researchers at Unanimous A.I. built this gender-specific Artificial Swarm Intelligence to reveal deep insights into the unique gender-biases that permeate the voting population. These insights were made possible by the unique structure of the swarm intelligence system, as it combines real-time human input with computational algorithms, enabling groups of people to merge their thoughts, feelings, opinions, and instincts into a single unified output of amplified intelligence.

"When we build an Artificial Swarm Intelligence system with specific characteristics, we are creating an insight engine that amplifies the inherent knowledge, opinions, and intuitions of a target population," said Dr. Louis Rosenberg, CEO of Unanimous A.I. "With gender playing such a significant role in this election, empowering the first-ever female A.I. to answer political questions and express political opinions was a truly moving experience, as it shed light on what matters to female electorate this year and what does not."

For example, when the female A.I. was asked about the threat of terrorism and whether it was fairly represented in the political discourse, she responded that the threat was "overblown" by politicians this year. When asked if wealth inequality was a significant problem in America, she responded that she "strongly agreed" that it is a problem to be addressed. When asked who she believed more, the women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct or the denials from Trump and his surrogates, she responded that she believes the accusers with 88% conviction.

To review the complete set of answers given by the world's first female A.I. in response to dozens of questions regarding the upcoming election and the challenges facing the next President of the United States, visit:

About the female Artificial Swarm Intelligence: she was fielded in real time on October 18, 2016 as a computational mix of swarm intelligence algorithms and live human participants, working together as synchronous closed-loop system that converges on optimized solutions. The human participants were all voting age women, randomly selected from across the United States, providing a representative mix of location, age, education, and political leaning. For more information on the process of Swarm Intelligence, visit:

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