LAS VEGAS, Oct. 20, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc. (PINKSHEETS:HDUP) is pleased to announce it has signed a partnership agreement with Spriza Media Inc. ("Spriza") (TSX-V:SPZ).

The partnership with Spriza Media Inc. allows HeadsUp to integrate Spriza’s software platform into its own FanLogic proprietary fantasy games software offering.  This enables HeadsUp to utilize Spriza’s software as a licensee, to create and publish brand focused promotional campaigns and to drive deeper and wider lead generation through peer to peer referrals and advocacy.  HeadsUp plans to sell an end-to-end solution – FanLogic’s fantasy platform with Spriza’s digital marketing automation software – to new and current clients for all their customer acquisition, retention, and engagement needs.

Spriza’s Licensed Software allows the user to handle everything from creative, distribution, lead management, fulfilment, audit, reporting and analytics.  HeadsUp will be using Spriza’s software to plan, create, and execute digital marketing initiatives that build brand awareness and generate qualified targeted leads on behalf of its clients.  Spriza’s proprietary software includes full access to a reporting dashboard, providing HeadsUp with deep, real-time analytics and reporting on the success of campaigns, through robust tools that measure marketing and advertising budgets for real time return on investment analysis and demographic data.

HeadsUp’s complete FanLogic-Spriza solution will offer successful conversion and engagement of social fantasy, egaming, contests, coupons, display advertisements, direct-buy offers, charities and any other offers or incentives. Use of Spriza’s software enables HeadsUp to further tap into the power of shared interests and personal relationships within its clients’ target markets, producing traceable and quantifiable results in the categories of: lead generation, conversions, app downloads, affiliate revenue, brand exposure, and engagement.

The partnership is based on a Revenue Sharing Agreement between HeadsUp and Spriza.  Both parties will benefit through revenue generation, new client acquisition and further engagement with the consumer marketplace.  HeadsUp anticipates the new complete offering will increase the company’s awareness and market appeal.

"HeadsUp’s new partnership with Spriza creates a truly compelling product for our customers. Not only can we offer market leading fantasy games, but now we can also show our customers how these games enhance their marketing and strengthen awareness of their brands.  We are excited about working with the team at Spriza and the huge new opportunities for both businesses which our partnership brings.” Randy Brownell II (CEO, HeadsUp)

About HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc.
HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc. owns FanLogic’s complete social fantasy platform which provides in-game, daily, weekly, season-long, on-demand Fantasy Poker, eSports or event-driven fantasy games and promotions.  Social, free to play fantasy games, for the purpose of customer acquisition and retention, is the core offering.  HeadsUp partners with brand owners, media businesses and licensed gaming operators, to motivate and reward customers while building brand loyalty and revenues.  The FanLogic software is built to protect consumer data, meet regulatory compliance, and ensure partner integrity. For more information go to and

About Spriza

Spriza's patent pending technology allows brands and agencies to generate unforgettable moments connecting consumers to the brands they love. Spriza’s campaigns effectively drive focused and quantifiable returns for its clients by combining incentive-based marketing with audience targeted promotions; turning any marketing effort into a successful, widespread campaign with a measurable impact both to the Brands and Spriza.

For more information, please see the company’s website

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