Spine Wave Announces the Commercial Launch of the Velocity(R) P Expandable Interbody Device

SHELTON, CT--(Marketwired - October 24, 2016) - Spine Wave, Inc. is committed to the commercialization of high-quality, innovative medical devices for the treatment of spinal disorders. Spine Wave is pleased to announce that it will be fully launching the Velocity® P Expandable Interbody Device system in mid-November with the arrival of commercial-scale inventory quantities. The company has been a pioneer in the field of expandable spacers since 2008, and surgeons have subsequently implanted over 50,000 Spine Wave expandable devices.

The Velocity® P Expandable Interbody Device is the latest iteration in a long line of expandable devices from Spine Wave and will be prominently featured at NASS. The implant's low profile allows for a less invasive surgical approach that may result in less nerve root retraction and bone resection. The load-bearing core is made from PEEK, a material well known for its favorable modulus. A unique titanium shell encompasses the implant and enhances its strength, while a plasma-sprayed titanium coating provides the surface texture and endplate interface many surgeons prefer. The controlled incremental expansion with an integrated trial feature is designed to allow surgeons to restore disc height and optimize the implant-to-patient fit. The device has a spacious graft chamber that can be easily filled post expansion utilizing the company's proprietary guided funnel system. Post-expansion grafting allows for both maximum graft volume and graft-to-endplate contact within the device.

"The Velocity® P Device is the most complex and challenging development project we have ever undertaken, and, based on surgeon feedback received during the limited market release, we could not be more pleased with the results. The Velocity® P Device, when combined with the original StaXx® platform and the more recently launched Leva® Interbody Device, provides us with a market-leading portfolio of expandable implants in what we believe is one of the fastest growing and most strategically important segments of spine," said Mark LoGuidice, Spine Wave's Chief Executive Officer.

"I have been a vocal proponent of expandable implants since 2008 and have had an opportunity to use many of the more popular devices available," said Domagoj Coric, M.D., Chief of Neurosurgery at Carolinas Medical Center. "The Velocity® P device encompasses all the key features surgeons are looking for in an expandable implant. This powerful device has ideal material properties, and it is easy and intuitive to use. When using an expandable device, surgeons understand the importance of being able to pack additional graft material post expansion, and the guided grafting system on the Velocity® is easily the best I have seen."

About Spine Wave

In addition to the products mentioned above, Spine Wave's product portfolio features many highly differentiated technologies including the StaXx® family of products, which has a seven year proven track record in posterior surgery. The Leva® Interbody Device is an expandable titanium implant that is optimized for ease of insertion and for maximum post expansion bone graft capability. The True Position® Pivoting Spacer System is a pivoting "crescent-style" interbody fusion device that is implanted with the widely used TLIF technique and features Center Pivot Point Technology. The Velocity® L Expandable Interbody Device, which is the Velocity® Expandable Interbody Device designed for lateral interbody fusion procedures, was launched earlier this year alongside Spine Wave's enhanced lateral system. The Sniper® Spine System has developed a reputation as a leading MIS screw system and is now complemented with its Sniper® Spine System XT extended tab screws and the the Annex® Adjacent Level System. Spine Wave provides the simple yet versatile CapSure® PS3 Spine System, which is proving to be a high quality, user friendly, traditional screw system. Spine Wave is dedicated to continuously delivering a robust and highly differentiated product pipeline, with a strong emphasis on minimally invasive solutions that will meet and exceed the expectations of our spine surgeon customers.

The Company is growing rapidly and continues to recruit new sales managers and independent distributors to fuel the growth. For further information on all of the Spine Wave products please visit the Company's website at www.SpineWave.com.

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Chief Financial Officer