REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwired - October 26, 2016) - Satmetrix®, the leading global provider of software for improving the customer experience, today announced the latest release of its flagship product, Satmetrix NPX, which now offers a single source for all the tools and resources needed to deliver transformative, NPS-driven customer experience management.

Companies using Satmetrix NPX software can now choose to give employees' access to Satmetrix Net Promoter Score® benchmark reports and a comprehensive academy of customer experience management training. Satmetrix benchmark reports, which cover both B2C and B2B companies, are built from the world's largest database of customer experience data. Satmetrix has trained more that 5000 professionals in customer experience best practices. The self-paced online training available as part of Satmetrix NPX targets employees at every level of the organization, and includes Net Promoter® Certification training, available only from Satmetrix.

"Satmetrix NPX has long been the software that forward-looking companies turn to when they are ready to deliver on their customer experience goals," said Brian Curry, Chief Operating Officer at Satmetrix. "We already reflect our deep customer experience expertise in the design of our software. Now, we also deliver our benchmark reports and customer experience training right where it's most convenient for our customers."

"Satmetrix stands apart because of our unique combination of software, data, and expertise," said Satmetrix CEO Richard Owen. "We brought an unprecedented level of rigor to the emerging customer experience management space when we co-developed the Net Promoter Score 13 years ago, and we've continued to develop and refine our expertise and best practices ever since. This new way of delivering all three elements of our unique value through Satmetrix NPX makes it even easier for companies to benefit."

Satmetrix customers can now view industry-leading benchmark data and online training resources right alongside their customer experience data, analytics, and actions. "We improve our customer experience by leveraging the streamlined access to the Satmetrix resources," said Payum Moussavi, VP, Worldwide Customer Success at Pulse Secure. "We've already implemented Satmetrix for benchmarks and training and leverage Satmetrix NPX constantly for our customer experience program. Having everything in one place really improves usability and drives productivity."

As part of this release, Satmetrix NPX is now available in three plans to suit businesses of all sizes. Most companies choose Satmetrix NPX Pro, a complete, affordable customer experience management software that enables every aspect of a comprehensive CEM program at midsize businesses or in departments. Satmetrix NPX Enterprise offers complex businesses the flexibility and control they need. And Satmetrix NPX Now, which can be purchased online, gets CEM-oriented NPS programs off to the right start for smaller companies, or for larger companies just launching complete programs.

Satmetrix benchmarks and online training are available as part of all plans according to the terms of purchase.

For more information about Satmetrix NPX, including Satmetrix benchmarks and online training, visit

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Satmetrix is the leading global provider of customer experience software for companies who demand differentiated knowledge about their customers. As co-creator of the Net Promoter Score®, Satmetrix combines unrivalled Net Promoter expertise with its powerful, cost-effective Satmetrix NPX product, a complete, always on-customer experience management (CEM) SaaS solution battle tested by the leading NPS-driven, customer first companies in the world. For more information, visit

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