Farsight Security and CybelAngel To Unveil New Cybersecurity Research at Black Hat Europe To Identify And Reduce Risk of Global Online Counterfeiting

SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 26, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Farsight Security, Inc., provider of the world's largest real-time DNS threat intelligence, today announced that the company, with its partner, CybelAngel, will unveil breakthrough cybersecurity research that offers a more effective approach to identify and mitigate online fraud and improve overall brand protection for today’s organizations at Black Hat Europe 2016, happening November 1-4, 2016, at the Business Design Centre in London, England.  

The presentation, “Narcos, Counterfeiters and Scammers: An Approach to Visualize Illegal Markets,” will be given by Farsight Security Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Andrew Lewman, a renown cybersecurity and privacy expert, and CybelAngel Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer Stevan Keraudy. It is scheduled for Thursday, November 3, 2016 from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM UTC.

Farsight Security is a Silver Sponsor at the event and will be demonstrating their latest Passive DNS solutions at booth #608. CybelAngel will also be present at booth #102 and will be showcasing their next generation Data Leak Detection product.

“Domain name abuse is fueling online fraud.  With a few clicks, cybercriminals buy cheap domain names—names that are very similar to marquis brands -- to create websites that sell counterfeit items such as fashion items and prescription drugs to unsuspecting consumers. Our research will illustrate the scope of this problem and demonstrate why Passive DNS, which provides a historical view of every domain name or IP address associated with a “bad” website, is a vital tool for every cyber investigation,” said Lewman, CRO of Farsight Security, Inc.

Farsight Security delivers the world's largest real-time actionable threat intelligence on how the Internet is changing. Security analysts around the world use this information to provide critical context to existing threat data in order to increase detection and mitigation of today's Internet security threats. 

Over the past year, CybelAngel and Farsight Security have collaborated to provide valuable insights to brand protection teams. Using Farsight Security’s real-time Passive DNS and CybelAngel’s proprietary algorithms, the companies are able to detect domain names used by counterfeiters as soon as they become active online.

“Today’s counterfeiters have the skills to create high-quality marketplaces, sometimes even more sophisticated than legal sites. They are able to react quickly to takedown efforts. Our research will demonstrate a new approach that can detect counterfeit sites – and their networks -- in real-time for faster mitigation,” said Erwan Keraudy, CEO and Cofounder of CybelAngel.

About Farsight Security, Inc.
Farsight Security, Inc. provides the world's largest real-time threat intelligence on changes to the Internet. Leveraging proprietary technology with over 200,000 observations/second, Farsight provides the Internet's view of an organization and how it is changing purposely, inadvertently or maliciously. For more information on Farsight Security, Inc., please visit https://www.farsightsecurity.com.

About CybelAngel
CybelAngel provides a threat intelligence service designed to detect data leaks on parts of the Internet unknown to most users to protect leading actors from the public and private sectors. Its Dark, Deep Web and connected devices search engine enables CybelAngel to monitor at a very high frequency all new and evolving open endpoints where the company information can be leaked (suppliers, Cloud storage, employees, etc.). CybelAngel alerts its clients on leaked sensitive documents, credentials, credit card numbers as soon as they are exposed. For more information, please visit our website at www.cybelangel.com.


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