Bent Pixels Grows Global Footprint With Creator Communities

Leading digital media company shakes up video creator network, uniting influencers by similar content verticals and introducing elite partner service Bent Pixels Select

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 26, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digital media company Bent Pixels today unveiled a global expansion of creator communities within its multi-channel network (MCN), with offices from Los Angeles to São Paulo. The Communities initiative consists of six individual brands representing creators with common interests, catering to key content verticals and cultural/linguistic communities. True to Bent Pixels’ identity as a home for gaming, comedy, mixed martial arts, and geek content, the constituent brands include a refresh of flagship video game community Vultra, the new comedy-focused Showcase Comedy influencer group, Portuguese and Spanish-language communities Brazucas and Primera, respectively, and German creator hub Unyque. In addition, the network has established a roster of elite creators – Bent Pixels Select – that will house the network’s most successful and rapidly-growing channels.

“Our talented creators are our strength, and through the Communities we are building further collaboration, audience outreach, and brand opportunities for our partners,” said Mike Pusateri, Bent Pixels CEO. “This is an exciting time of expansion for the Bent Pixels network, and we look forward to continued growth in 2017.”

The Communities are as follows:

  • Vultra – A strong existing brand, Vultra is a home for gamers of all types to collaborate and contribute to the ongoing rise of gaming culture.
  • Showcase Comedy – Anchored by top comedians such as Kevin Hart and Joe Rogan, Showcase represents stand-up comics, humor vloggers, and prank & fail creators.
  • Brazucas – Specific to Brazilian and Portuguese culture, Brazucas includes creators in Brazil, Portugal, and Angola.
  • Primera – For U.S.-based Latino/Latina creators and Spanish-language partners in Mexico and beyond, Primera houses channels with a variety of content.
  • Unyque – Unyque is a top German creator community known for comedy, gaming, music, and entertainment channels.
  • Bent Pixels Select – is a managed roster of not only exceptionally successful partners, but also channels identified by network management as having great potential.

The Communities structure is designed to provide vertical-relevant network support to creators. Bent Pixels creators have access to experienced, YouTube-certified staff specific to each community. In the case of Primera, Brazucas, and Unyque, partners are advised by staff with professional expertise in the gaming, comedy, and general entertainment verticals, in the language of their choice.

About Bent Pixels
Bent Pixels is a global digital media company serving creators and brands. As a leading multi-channel network (MCN), Bent Pixels specializes in gaming, comedy, sports/mixed-martial arts, and international content. Well-known Bent Pixels creators include comedian Kevin Hart, podcast and UFC broadcast host Joe Rogan, and top-ranked gamer PackAttack04082. Current and former brand services and copyright protection clients include FUNimation, RLJ Entertainment, WellGoUSA, Petco, College Humor, Live Nation, MNet, and many others.

Founded in 2009, Bent Pixels has offices in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Boston, São Paulo, and Aachen, Germany. More information about Bent Pixels is available here.



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