SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 27, 2016) - Kuna Systems, a smart home security services company, today launches its latest preventative security feature: auto greeting with message playback on detection, now available via the Kuna mobile app on all Kuna Powered devices. This new feature helps homeowners preventively protect their homes and loved ones, even when they're not able to get to their phone, by playing pre-recorded messages or a sound when motion is detected.

Acting as both an automated greeting and deterrent, the new feature is integrated into Kuna Systems' award-winning smart security light and all Kuna-powered devices. The free, optional feature upgrade is currently available to all users and can be turned on and off within the Kuna app. Users can select a pre-recorded message, such as "Can I help you?"; "Sorry, not interested"; "I'm busy right now," or a default 'chime' sound to automatically play when motion is detected. For a limited time, Halloween-themed options, including a "Happy Halloween" greeting or spooky ghost laugh, are also available to catch the attention of trick-or-treaters on your property.

"Kuna has always been on the forefront of disrupting how people protect their families and homes through preventative security, even when they're not home or able to access their phones to view live video feeds," said Amauri Campos, VP of Marketing at Kuna Systems. "Our automatic motion detection and message playback feature is the first of its kind that not only helps deter unwanted visitors, but also captures their attention to look at the device, so recordings are even more clear and helpful for law enforcement officials."

Kuna Powered smart security devices are currently available in several styles and colors at a special Halloween discount starting at $149 at To learn more about Kuna Systems, visit

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Kuna Systems is a smart home security services company with a focus on prevention, not just detection. Kuna Systems powers a range of "connected" outdoor home security devices, including the Maximus Smart Security Light, manufactured by Jiawei, and Toucan Outdoor Security Camera, manufactured by VuPoint Solutions. These devices can be controlled remotely via the Kuna Powered mobile app (for iOS & Android). Using the mobile app, homeowners receive immediate notifications when someone is detected outside their home and can communicate through a two-way intercom, sound a siren alarm, view a live feed or turn the light on/off. For more information, visit

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