CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Oct 27, 2016) - Peco InspX, a Silicon Valley-based full-range inspection solutions provider to the food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals industries, has introduced its latest advanced product inspection line designed to provide absolute quality assurance.

Peco InspX will officially introduce SHIELD at PACK Expo, held this year November 6-9 at Chicago's McCormick Place. SHIELD is a new line of product inspection stations that combines advanced X-Ray technology and cloud-based algorithms to deliver more accurate inspection and greater insight into product quality.

"In recent years the threat of food contamination has become mainstream, as contaminants, tampering, and disease have headlined media and crippled major companies," said Rich Cisek, President and COO, Peco InspX. "To address these concerns and protect the public and food and pharma producers, we are marrying state of the art cloud computing and analytical technology with production line x-ray inspection to identify imperfections early in the processing ensuring the products delivered to our tables and cabinets are free of harmful contaminants."

Peco-InspX combines all the modern advancements in cloud based computing with x-ray scanning to produce one of the most advanced product inspection stations on the market. By capturing and analyzing each individual product image, Peco InspX's advanced systems can identify contaminants as small as 0.3 mm.

In addition to identifying unwanted objects in products, the algorithms can ensure proper seal, content levels, and packaging defects. This high speed and highly detailed imaging analysis provides processors and consumers the peace of mind that the products they produce and consume are of the highest quality and safe for consumption. 

"If you watch the news, you know that too many serious product recalls have happened from processes where inspection equipment was being used," said Cisek. "SHIELD lowers the chance of defective product being released to as close to zero as possible. Our goal is to transform the industry."

About Peco InspX
Peco InspX is a full range solutions provider to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. It combines cutting edge technology with rugged construction to produce high performance, reliable inspection equipment. Its systems can inspect metal cans, plastic containers, glass jars, foil bags, bulk products, industrial products, and medical devices. Peco InspX also has engineering expertise to design custom solutions for the hardest inspection problems.

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