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Chief Lynette Tsakoza of Prophet River First Nation and Chief Roland Willson of West Moberly First Nations hosted the AFN National Chief Perry Bellegarde over the weekend so he could see firsthand how the Site C dam is destroying the Peace River valley.

Their day started with a visit to Cache Creek in the Bear Flat area, a culturally significant site in the Peace River valley. "This area was a gathering place for our people for thousands of years. We have tried to get BC to move the new road, which runs down the middle of it, so it does not impact a historical site and a grave. But they have done nothing to address our concerns," stated Chief Willson.

The group then took a helicopter tour of the Peace River valley and then a fly over of the dam site. "The Peace River valley is so important to our people; it cannot be put into words. BC has proceeded with this project while it is being contested in the courts. And it is proof they have no respect for our Treaty Rights," said Chief Tsakoza.

Cache Creek also contains a mass grave, which dates back to the flu epidemic during the early 1900s. "We tried to work with BC to protect the mass grave, but BC refused to work with us," Chief Tsakoza pointed out.

"Despite Christy Clark's plans to push this project past the point of no return, it is obvious that this project is anything but. We intend to stop the infringement to our Treaty Rights. And we will stop Site C once and for all," stated Chief Willson.

"Our hearts go out to our friends, the local farmers in the Peace River valley. We just found out that BC Hydro has ordered the farmers off their land by the end of October. Why the rush? This isn't fair at all. BC could easily move the new road and save the farms. Ms. Christy Clark and Ms. Jessica McDonald are hypocrites. In public they say families come first, but behind the scenes they are evicting families and making them homeless just before Christmas!" stated Chief Tsakoza and Chief Willson.

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