WINNIPEG, MANITOBA--(Marketwired - Oct. 31, 2016) - The DEKALB® brand is pleased to announce the release of its newest clubroot-resistant canola hybrid, 75-42 CR, available now for the 2017 growing season.

The newest clubroot-resistant hybrid from DEKALB, 75-42 CR, is the most extensively tested canola hybrid ever to enter the DEKALB lineup. 75-42 CR gives farmers early maturity options combined with excellent yield potential. This combination gives farmers in Central Alberta another tool to combat disease pressure and Mother Nature.

"The new 75-42 CR hybrid offers a new, early maturing alternative in the battle against clubroot," said Dave Kelner, canola portfolio manager for Monsanto. "Central Alberta farmers are often challenged with late harvests. This product will be one of the earliest maturing clubroot-resistant products available in the market. Combined with outstanding yield potential and a well-rounded agronomic package, this product will have a fit on every farm in that area."

Early maturing hybrids allow a grower to make the most of what can be limited heat units in some years and enable the crop to reach full maturity in a shorter amount of time. "They allow a grower to seed after early spring storms and harvest before the typical frost begins," explained Edmonton-based DEKALB field agronomist Kerran Clements. "Using hybrids with different maturities also helps farmers spread out their harvest and get the crop off at an optimal time."

Adverse weather at harvest negatively impacts yield and is a top-of-mind issue for Alberta farmers after the inclement weather experienced this season. "With a product like this, there is more peace of mind that you will actually get your crop in and you will get the full potential of the seed because it has been allowed to reach its full maturity," said Red Deer-based DEKALB field agronomist Erin McDougall.

For more information about DEKALB® 75-42 CR, farmers can visit or speak to a DEKALB representative in their area by calling 1-84-GO-DEKALB today.

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