LOS ANGELES, CA --(Marketwired - November 01, 2016) - Award winning director Martin Dunkerton has made a moving documentary about Presidential hopeful Donald Trump and what the world around him really thinks. Traveling the globe continent by continent to get the opinion of psychics & spiritual people from different countries to see exactly what they think of the presidential hopeful. The results are startling.

View Trailer here: https://youtu.be/Yw7dYcaQEfc

Donald Trump was thrust into the global spotlight to becoming a Presidential candidate for the United States, the most powerful position in the world, even though he has had no political experience, has been openly racist and sexist and doesn't pay federal taxes, according to Dunkerton. God vs. Trump is a documentary film that takes you to Australia, to interview an Aboriginal seer, to Canada, arguably one of the most progressive political cultures, to interview a wise psychic, to the UK, where BREXIT just occurred, to peek into the filmmaker's roots, to Iceland to meet a meet a shaman-seer, where the people recently jailed fraudulent bankers and a new political system was born, and across the USA, to meet a Native American medicine man. Though they speak different languages and live in different countries one thing is clear, they all share the same opinion on Trump.

Dunkerton says, "I made this movie for the American people prior to the election for a global psychic & spiritual view of Donald Trump. As a Brit who has been in America for a decade, your election is quintessentially a 'tipping point' for the world and I wanted to help answer, "What does God think of Donald Trump?"

The film will premiere in New York to limited screens on Thursday, November 3rd and will premiere in Los Angeles at the famed TLC Chinese on November 4th. The digital download of the film will be available globally Thursday, November 3rd available at GODvsTRUMP.com or LovEarth.com just in time for the election.

About Martin Dunkerton: Martin is an award-winning drama director & Royal Television Society nominated BBC documentary director, as well as the CEO and founder of LovEarth LLC. He has produced independently in the UK at Pinewood Studios, in Spain, France and the UK for the BBC, as well as in Greece and the USA.

Martin's previous films include "Brothers," and "From a Sheltered Flame." Martin has produced films that have been to Cannes, American Film Market and London Screenings, where he secured international sales and distribution. His movies, documentaries, and TV series have been distributed in over 100 countries worldwide. After living in Los Angeles for over a decade, Martin began filming his latest documentary, "God vs. Trump - Only Love Wins," available for Purchase or rent on Thursday 11/3 at:


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