SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 1, 2016) - KnuVerse™, a speech innovation company transforming human-machine interaction through advanced algorithms, announced today that it is launching its Knufactor cloud-based enterprise portfolio for active voice recognition and authentication deployments. Using KnuVerse's military-grade voice recognition and authentication technology, designed to successfully operate even in noisy environments, the Knufactor portfolio delivers the fastest, most secure path to incorporating voice authentication into existing enterprise infrastructures. KnuVerse also announced today its application performance interface (API) kit for the portfolio, which extends the capabilities of the technology for custom integration of voice recognition and authentication solutions into almost any digital platform. Both the Knufactor portfolio and the API kit will be available starting November 7.

The Knufactor Portfolio
Earlier in 2016, KnuVerse announced its groundbreaking technology for successful voice authentication in noisy environments. These products are designed for enterprises seeking to integrate simple yet sophisticated, secure voice biometrics technology into their workflows. Now launching is the Knufactor speaker recognition and authentication portfolio, which utilizes patented techniques to enable the security of human voice biometrics even in noisy, real-world environments. With it developers and enterprises can use someone's voice -- something that is always available -- as an in-band second factor for mobile authentication. These active speaker recognition products can be integrated into a broad range of applications including application unlock, transaction confirmation and privileged user access. The two products are:

  • AudioPass: A customizable speaker verification application, which randomly prompts the user to say three to four words to validate their identity.
  • AudioPIN: A multi-factor application where the user sets a PIN, and says the words that are randomly and dynamically displayed on top of the PIN pad.

It is now possible to authenticate to computers, web/mobile apps and IoT devices with only a few words spoken into any microphone. This empowers enterprises to focus on developing their competitive edge, improving customer satisfaction and innovating within their products and services. In the future, KnuVerse technologies will expand to include passive voice recognition, in which users authenticate with only a few seconds of everyday speech, enabling an even greater set of enterprise and consumer solutions.

"Voice technologies are an effective, secure option for enterprises looking for new methods of authentication, but they have to be able to work in real-world environments that include ambient noise, crowded spaces and multiple speakers," said Kate Dilligan, executive vice president and general manager of KnuVerse. "We've built a platform that works if the user is standing in a noisy restaurant, driving in an open car -- or even hang gliding. This new level of accuracy allows our customers to focus on improving their own customer experience."

Developing on the Knufactor Portfolio
In addition to a fully supported voice authentication solution, KnuVerse will open its API to developers to create customized voice solutions for the Knufactor portfolio. Developers can create an account for free to evaluate the products. Evaluation accounts allow developers to enroll up to 10 people and provide 100 authentications over 60 days. With the Knufactor portfolio, application, gaming and other developers can easily integrate military-grade, identity and security speech technologies into securing their digital content.

Pricing for the Knufactor portfolio starts at dollars per user per year, and becomes increasingly cost effective as deployments grow. It will be available on Monday, November 7. For more information on the Knufactor portfolio, please visit:

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