NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 1, 2016) - Imperative Fund, an Impact Investing company that lifts communities out of poverty in 5 years or less while generating market competitive returns, today announced its CEO Camilo Galvis and co-founder Angelica Fuentes were interviewed at the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square for the development of financial algorithms and social advocacy of sustainable investing initiatives that are literally lifting communities out of poverty. The Interview hosted by Silvia Davi on the Equities network is now available for online viewing. See below for details.

Interview Details
Location: NASDAQ MarketSite
Network: Equities
Host: Silvia Davi
Archives: Camilo Galvis Video Interview - Active Link

Camilo Galvis, CEO of The Imperative Fund, commented, "We are very honored to be acknowledged for our global social business initiatives. The concept is simple, to empower communities with resources and nurture the willingness for the people to pull themselves out of poverty. The most difficult part was building the model to make these initiatives sustainable for investors and financial institutions to be willing to back each project. This was achieved with the creation of a framework that allows us to eliminate all poverty conditions in a community 5 years or less and recover 100% of the invested funds while yielding annual market competitive returns. On behalf of Imperative Fund and all the people of each community we work with, our deepest gratitude to all those behind this ambitiously innovative project."

About The Imperative Fund
The Imperative Fund works on sustainably lifting communities out of poverty, in 5 years or less, while recovering 100% of the invested funds and generating market competitive returns. In implementing its model, Imperative aspires to become the most efficient Fund/Company working to bring communities out of poverty. Furthermore, Imperative envisions becoming an outsourcing alternative for governments in their strive to provide access to all the goods and services required to mobilize a community to its next level of social and economic development and environmental sustainability.

By harnessing today's financial and technological innovation within an open market economy, Imperative's framework eliminates the association between low-income and poverty. Through a private fund investment strategy built on rigorous by-laws, algorithmic computation and sociological analysis, Imperative bundles social enterprises to deliver a suite of goods and services tailored to the needs of each community.

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