BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Nov 2, 2016) - XebiaLabs, a proven leader in DevOps and Continuous Delivery software, today announced version 6.0 of its top-ranked DevOps solution for release pipeline orchestration and deployment automation. XebiaLabs software automates, orchestrates and analyzes the most complex release pipelines in an enterprise's software delivery environment, empowering teams to accelerate software delivery and, at the same time, improve product quality and decrease risk.

With DevOps adoption expanding across the enterprise, this latest version of the XebiaLabs DevOps platform helps large organizations simplify and better manage the growing complexity of their DevOps initiatives. This new version introduces multi-functional release folders and flexible release tags to increase manageability and scalability, as well as intelligent dashboards that improve visibility into release pipelines and facilitate compliance.

"As enterprises conclude that their software applications have become their most valuable assets, we've seen the adoption of DevOps processes in general -- and our DevOps platform in particular -- skyrocket. This new release will help large organizations scale their DevOps practices across virtually any application stack or IT landscape, from Mainframes to Containers. Teams can self-organize, improve software delivery and gain the required visibility into the performance and risk of their software release process," said XebiaLabs CEO Derek Langone.

Enterprise DevOps Adoption Increases Complexity
DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices are being adopted by more and more teams across the enterprise. Large companies often maintain hundreds of applications, built by thousands of developers on hundreds of geographically distributed teams, producing thousands of new software deployments a month.

"Today's operational complexities will magnify as you adopt new infrastructure platforms, expand to more locations, and support more customers. Volume and variability will grow, as will the amount of information required to describe and manage it. As a result, uncertainty and the likelihood of failure will compound at an alarming rate," wrote Forrester analysts Robert Stroud and Sophia Vargas. ("Design Your Infrastructure For Scalability," Forrester Research, Inc., October 24, 2016.)

XebiaLabs 6.0 Release Highlights:

Multi-functional Release Folders - using the new folders feature, companies can easily organize, manage and secure release information across hundreds of teams, applications and releases. IT can manage the release process in one central location and provide reusable release templates globally for all teams. Role-based access control secures data and gives individual teams the flexibility to access their data alone with an uncluttered view.

Flexible Release Tags - users now have the option to classify tasks in a release with keywords using customizable tags. This simple yet highly flexible functionality allows teams to easily group or filter related parts of a release, such as security tasks, database tasks, deployment tasks or anything else that helps them better understand and optimize the release.

More Powerful Dashboards for Compliance and Security - dashboards include new capabilities to help teams quickly identify and report on related parts of large, complex releases. Dashboard components, or "tiles", allow for simple yet powerful reporting options on important dimensions of a release, including security and compliance, two areas that all too often have relied on manual data-gathering and reporting.

Enhanced Productivity for Large-scale Deployments - users also will enjoy optimizations such as more flexible dependency management, performance improvements and better system continuity with hot standby. Teams will gain better control over deployments to remote data centers and more visibility into the remote deployment process.

"By implementing tools from XebiaLabs and supporting processes, we have proven that we can release software more consistently, with more insight into bottlenecks than ever before, backed by hard data. This data helps us drive continuous improvement as we strive to increase our enterprise maturity in Continuous Delivery and leverage our cross-functional DevOps culture to obtain results," said Matt Cipollone, Manager of Enterprise Build and Deployment Automation at Paychex. "We are excited about the new features available in XL Release 6.0, which will further simplify usage for our teams, offer better controls and more flexible permissions, and provide even more data to help us make well-informed decisions around delivery of solutions to our customers."

Version 6.0 of XL Release and XL Deploy will be available for download on November 9.

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