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ALPIQ deploys IoT Platform by DigitalRoute

Energy utility takes innovative approach to meeting market challenges

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN--(Marketwired - Nov 2, 2016) -  Alpiq, a leading Swiss electricity and energy services provider with a European footprint, has selected DigitalRoute's IoT Platform. Digital Route, the leading provider of data management solutions globally, will help Alpiq to drive the digitization of its business.

In recent years, utilities have grown into one of the largest IoT (Internet of Things) industry segments and companies in the vertical have invested heavily in connecting assets to generate more efficient businesses and create new commercial opportunities. In 2016 Alpiq started the innovative energy solutions unit, which would lead the digital strategy and transform Alpiq into a digital innovator and market leader. 

A central aspect of Alpiq's digital strategy is to develop, promote and market business models that require automated and highly developed smart technologies. Doing this requires taking control of asset data from across all the company's portfolios and consolidating it into one enterprise wide IoT platform, on top of which smart applications based on artificial intelligence for smart grid management, trading and demand side management can be leveraged.

Alpiq is partnering with DigitalRoute to achieve this. As the market leader in data management, DigitalRoute can deliver a proven technology capable of connecting all Alpiq's assets to its key business processes. With Alpiq's ambitious increase in the number of connected assets, it is critical that they are all managed effectively if commercial momentum is to result. While many new business opportunities are in view, handling challenges like real-time awareness, time to market for new services and the explosion of data is vital if commercial success is to follow.

DigitalRoute was chosen by Alpiq because of its innovative software and its expertise in data management, proven and industrialized to support mission critical services in multiple verticals over 16 years. The new IoT Platform by DigitalRoute enables Alpiq to complete its digital journey successfully. Also, important to Alpiq's decision was the harmonious working relationship that was quickly established between the two companies.

Alpiq expects to connect all its assets to DigitalRoute technology thereby creating an Enterprise wide IoT solution that will consolidate the data from all portfolios. The deployment is expected to be a game-changer in the utilities industry, beating a path that will be followed by all utilities looking for a sustainable and profitable future.

Alpiq will now be able to generate greater margins out of its existing business and, at the same time, have a very short time-to-value for new services and business models. Additionally, an advanced IT landscape, with a drastically lower total cost of functionality, will be realized by consolidating data point applications to deliver access across all silos.

Alpiq is a leading Swiss electricity and energy services provider with a European footprint. The company is active in power production, as well as energy trading, origination and sales. Alpiq offers its clients extensive, efficient energy services for buildings and plants, transport technology, as well as power and industrial plant engineering. With DigitalRoute's technology Alpiq has an IoT Platform in place that means the company will be much more efficient across business-lines in order to spend significantly more time developing new products and services.

DigitalRoute CEO Johan Bergh said: "Our IoT Platform is a game changer and we are delighted that Alpiq is leading the way and showing how Energy companies can use it to turn digitization from an opportunity into a commercial success. We are also excited to partner with a visionary and industry leading company in an extremely exciting and progressive vertical, underlining the breadth of challenges DigitalRoute's technology can address."

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