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Steve Visconti, President and CEO, Extenua
Lucas Le Bell, Chief Executive Officer, CerbAir
Marc Blackmer, Product Marketing Manager, Industry Solutions, Security Business Group, Cisco
John McClurg, Vice President in the Office of Security and Trust (OST), Cylance
Ken Mills, Chief Technology Officer Surveillance and Security, Dell Technologies
Jim Miller, Chairman and CEO, ImageWare Systems
Scott B. Suhy, CEO, NetWatcher
James Lantrip, Segment Head, Security, Siemens Industry, Inc.


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Steve Visconti, President and CEO, Extenua told us, "Cyberattacks have risen into the many millions of attacks per year, yet security continues to be perfunctory to the organizations overall data strategy. It is astonishing to me that some analysts estimate that 60% of U.S. enterprise organization DO NOT have encryption strategies applied across their organization. Hackers and their tools are very sophisticated including some with automation and its coming from many fronts you just listed. 

This is precisely why an organization or enterprise must have the most secure and hardened environments possible. Hackers and bad actors will eventually probe and eventually move on to the easier targets. Don't be that easy target when tools like Cloud2Drive are so easy to implement and non-disruptive.

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Mr. Lucas Le Bell, Chief Executive Officer, CerbAir, told us, "When it comes to protecting a sensitive site, a lot of risks have to be taken into account, drones being one of them. We understand that integrating new protection layers in an already complex security environment isn't easy. So we strived hard to develop a very pragmatic approach to deliver a high level of security and reliability at a modest cost matching the real level of the drone threat. Every day, we focus on our core activity which is about creating robust algorithms. Combining them with battle-proven sensors and top 3rd party countermeasures allows us to deliver first-class service to our customers. That is what our value proposition is about: selling the right solution at the right price to match a realistic level of threat. As a result, we do not compete with military technologies that most sites at risk cannot afford and which capabilities are overkill regarding our client needs."

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Mr. Marc Blackmer, Product Marketing Manager, Industry Solutions, Security Business Group, Cisco, told us, "We estimate that there will be 50 billion -- with a 'b' -- connected things by 2020, and that includes critical infrastructure, mining, manufacturing, energy production, and so on. Accordingly, malicious hacking is becoming more lucrative and impactful as this connectivity increases. We've already seen how malware can be used to help take down a power grid. Therefore, if we are to reap the benefits of greater connectivity, then we need to be sure we are connecting security to protect human health and safety, as well as environment safety."

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John McClurg, Vice President in the Office of Security and Trust (OST), Cylance

John McClurg, Vice President in the Office of Security and Trust (OST), Cylance, told us, "CylancePROTECT is a truly advanced threat prevention solution. It sits on each endpoint within the organization, whether it's a desktop, laptop, mobile device, server, or virtual machine. By applying artificial intelligence, machine learning, and mathematic techniques, it instantly identifies and prevents malware and cyberattacks from executing. Basically, it protects from every threat known and yet-to-be-known, including system- and memory-based attacks, malicious documents, zero-day malware, privilege escalations, scripts, and potentially unwanted programs. The solution boosts the efficiency of your IT resources and reduces user impact throughout your organization. The endpoint security product uses little memory, less than 1% of CPU. It requires no Internet connection or signature updates and is engineered to run with minimal updates and fewer system resources. In addition, it works with Windows and Mac OS, easily integrates into existing security platforms, and is available in OEM and embedded versions for technology partners. It operates in every environment, whether it's 1,000, 10,000, or 100,000 endpoints.

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Ken Mills, Chief Technology Officer Surveillance and Security, Dell Technologies

Mr. Ken Mills, Chief Technology Officer Surveillance and Security, Dell Technologies, shared with us tips to help make selecting on-premise body cam storage and management as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Beyond Body Cams
While body cams are certainly getting their share of coverage lately, it's important to remember body cams are just one component of the video data that public safety departments are tasked with managing. Today's public safety environments also consist of video, surveillance cameras, drones, in-car video, mobile devices and more. Progressive public safety departments must build a data platform that can collect, store and manage these individual pools of data. A common infrastructure provides a more cost-effective storage environment, more control of the data and better security.

2. Costly Clouds
Last month, the Associated Press reported police departments in Indiana and Kentucky have halted the use of body cams, citing new laws that would require the video to be stored longer and thereby significantly increasing the cost. On average, each body cam requires a minimum of 1TB of storage per year. Competing cloud solutions charge over $1,400/year - per camera. For a police department that has 500 body cameras, that can quickly add up, with the cost of storage for body cams totaling approximately $700,000 annually in perpetuity. Department heads trying to maintain budgets and plan for additional personnel to monitor the data should consider alternative storage solutions that cost considerably less to deploy and provide an overall better total cost of ownership.

3. Open to New Solutions
Open platform enables departments to integrate body cam data with the best available industry applications. To avoid the risk of limiting video to a single company's platform, departments should bypass a closed solution as it may prevent other key applications gaining access to that data. Because the video world is constantly changing, an open platform will enable departments to implement the best solutions today and tomorrow."

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ImageWare Systems
ImageWare Systems and Aurionpro Enter Three-Year GoVerifyID OEM Agreement

ImageWare Systems, Inc. (ImageWare or IWSY) (OTCQB: IWSY), a leader in mobile and cloud-based, multi-modal biometric identity management solutions, and Aurionpro, a global leader in digital innovation, have entered into a three-year agreement to integrate ImageWare's turnkey GoVerifyID® with Aurionpro's Digital Branch DX -- multi-service Kiosk.

Aurionpro is a global provider helping clients accelerate digital innovation, securely and efficiently. They are headquartered in Mumbai, India and San Ramon, California, with 22 offices across 12 countries. Their Digital Branch DX -- Self-Service Kiosk is designed to automate the traditional banking branch experience to perform at high levels of efficiency, personalization and speed, creating an immersive digital experience for the customer.

Aurionpro will market and resell the combined solution to their existing and prospective customers, and ImageWare will host the GoVerifyID SaaS on Amazon Web Services. The parties anticipate going to market starting the fourth quarter of 2016.

"One of the key objectives of any digital transformation journey is increasing customer engagement. At Aurionpro we are redefining the customer experience by removing the friction points -- paper, plastic and password across all delivery channels -- mobile, web, and kiosks," said Nirav Shah, COO and Global Head -- Digital Innovation, Aurionpro.

He further added, "We are very excited in partnering with Image Ware and integrating their multi model biometrics with our Digital Branch DX - multi-service kiosk. This enables us to deliver amazing customer experience combined with simple, convenient and state of the art security controls for verification & authentication."

GoVerifyID is ImageWare's end-to-end enterprise solution that covers the full range of biometric authentication, including: identity proofing, cloud provisioning, on-device enrollment, real-time authentication, seamless integration into existing security workflows, and a turnkey self-service portal. This mobile/cloud SaaS offering is the industry's first multi-modal biometric user authentication solution that allows customers to modify their passwords or two-factor authentication using biometrics. Rather than typing a password, end-users can speak passphrases, swipe their fingerprints or even take "selfies" to gain access. To learn more, please visit

ImageWare's Chairman and CEO Jim Miller commented: "Aurionpro is a global technology solutions leader that helps clients accelerate their digital innovation, secure their enterprises and optimize business operations. By combining Imageware's biometric authentication technology with Aurionpro's industry-leading Branch DX product, we fulfill our joint mission of adding an extra layer of reliable and easy-to-use security, while enhancing an already outstanding user experience."

ImageWare and Aurionpro will be showcasing this technology at Money 20/20, which is being held at The Venetian, Las Vegas from October 23-26, 2016. Money 20/20 is the world's largest payments and financial services innovation event with over 10,000 attendees, including more than 1,000 CEOs.

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Scott Suhy, CEO, NetWatcher, told us, "We just launched into beta an endpoint that both works with locally deployed sensors when the user is on-premise as well as and with our cloud sensor when the user is at home or at the coffee shop. We agree that all security is moving to the cloud but we also believe that there is a transition period. Our architecture supports detection and response locally for on-premise users and IOT devices and it also supports the mobile workforce when they are not local. Most SIEM/security providers only support on-premise. What is unique with the NetWatcher Cloud Endpoint? 2 big things. The one I already mentioned -- it can work without local on-premise security infrastructure. The second area -- We are offering a free version of the endpoint that anyone can download and use for no cost."
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Siemens Industry, Inc.
James Lantrip, Segment Head, Security, Siemens Industry, Inc.

James Lantrip, Segment Head, Security, Siemens Industry, Inc., told us, "Siemens has a very customer-centric view. We look at our customers holistically. We're not just looking at them from a security perspective or a life-safety perspective or building automation perspective. We're looking at how we can help them with their business. And while we do break it down by market segment, we look in each segment and where we have our strengths, but more importantly we look across all the market segments and see if there are synergies that we can bring to the table that really helps our customers, manage, maintain and grow their business, as well as the practices that are underneath it. We can deliver many project sizes to help facilitate all types of projects and we have a strong team of developers that we could integrate and/or adjust specific items to be tailored to our customers' needs. We also have very strong product offerings that are geared towards the total building- along with the service capability to deliver and support those products and solutions."

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