AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Nov 2, 2016) -, a new online legacy management service, launched today on Dias De Los Muertos, commonly known as The Day of the Dead. MemorializeMe celebrates the lives of those who have gone before us, while offering free tools to help individuals and families preserve key memories, store important documents, address end-of-life concerns, and prepare wishes and messages before death occurs.

"We've heard many tragic stories of families dealing with the aftermath of the death of a loved one, including not knowing if there is a will, what their last wishes are or even how to address their social media pages," said MemorializeMe Founder Jaan Leemet. "According to a 2015 Harris Poll, 64% of Americans do not have a will. People don't want to think about death, yet when asked, they also don't want to be a burden on their loved ones after they die. MemorializeMe celebrates life. It captures users' most important legacy-related information in one place and offers an easy, mobile way for families and friends to create and view online, interactive memorials with stories and photos. It also allows users to write personal messages, instructions and wishes to be delivered to family members post mortem."

Beginning in 2017, MemorializeMe plans to offer a premium account option which will include the ability to create unlimited memorials, send video messages and socially share and contribute to other memorials for a nominal fee. Users opening a free MemorializeMe account from now until the end of 2016 will receive a complimentary upgrade to a premium account.

How It Works

Anyone can simply go to and start browsing the many articles that will help with critical topics such as legacy planning, estate planning and grief management. You can easily sign up for a free account that will unlock many important tools. First, enter key contacts and assign agents to carry out your wishes. Next, create wishes and messages to be delivered after you have passed, then upload or describe locations where important documents are kept so agents have everything they need including online passwords to manage social media accounts. Once MemorializeMe receives confirmation of passing, messages are sent out and access to the user's wishes, instructions, important documents and personal memorial are delivered via the assigned agent(s).

Key Features

  • Online Memorial -- Make an online memorial for a loved one or even a celebrity. Write a eulogy or a bio, upload pictures and share endearing information about this person. Or, create a memorial for yourself!
  • Messages -- Send messages to be delivered on special occasions, including a college graduation or child's wedding day after you pass.
  • The Document Vault -- Safe storage of your important documents such as wills and life insurance policies to be distributed to your loved ones automatically upon your death. 
  • Last Wishes -- Create special instructions and wishes for MemorializeMe to automatically distribute post mortem.
  • Legacy Library -- MemorializeMe offers a content database and community sharing tools to help users gather and share information on important end-of-life topics such as managing your digital legacy, estate planning, funeral planning, grieving, memorializing and preparing for death.

About MemorializeMe

MemorializeMe offers peace of mind to families during the crisis of losing a loved one. It provides valuable content and tools, free of charge, to help families navigate through a time of mourning, while keeping important memories alive. For more information, go to

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