PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 3, 2016) - ROC-Connect, the leading Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider and creator of the smart home brand OZOM, announces the debut of its new home safety solutions for insurers. This new offering includes a low cost smart Home Safety Kit that gives consumers an easy way to protect their homes from fire, flood, and frost. Customers can use their smart phones to monitor their homes remotely, along with a new Home Safety Scorecard, designed to help them recognize risks and reduce potential losses.

ROC-Connect offers the safety kit and scorecard to insurance companies as a turnkey solution that includes distribution to the insurers' customers. The new IoT solutions will help insurance providers mitigate risk, reduce claims, improve customer engagement, and generate new revenues.

"We're giving insurance companies a turnkey solution that will help them exploit the IoT and engage more effectively with their customers," said Marcus Scheiber, CEO and co-founder of ROC-Connect. "Insurers can move from simply reacting to events to become more proactive, offering their consumers simple and affordable solutions to make homes safer."

The Home Safety Kit includes fire and water sensors, and it is fully customizable and offers the ability to add as many sensors as needed, depending on the size of the home. The sensors are monitored around the clock and link directly to emergency services, so if an alarm sounds the appropriate response is dispatched. A broad range of other smart home and IoT devices can be added to the system, including home automation.

ROC-Connect's Home Safety Scorecard is in part powered by CoreLogic, a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider. ROC-Connect uses information from CoreLogic such as property size, location, and other property-related attributes to analyze risk. That information is combined with data from smart home devices such as customer behavior to calculate the Home Safety Scorecard.

"The novel combination of data to produce safety scores along with support and advice can help consumers protect their residences and families," said Dave Pedersen, senior vice president, Strategic Business Development and Innovation at CoreLogic. "It is an exciting new development for the insurance industry, establishing a more personalized relationship while lowering their exposure."

The Smart Home Kit and Home Safety Scorecard are both supported by the ROC-Master App, allowing insurance companies to stay in constant communication and improve their relationships with homeowners. Insurers can tailor messaging to a homeowner of with local weather alerts and advice to help manage any known local hazards such as a bushfire or flood.

The Smart Home Safety Kit and the new safety scoring services will be demonstrated at the Insurance IoT USA Summit in Chicago, beginning November 15.

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