DURHAM REGION, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov. 4, 2016) -

Attn: Assignment Editor

When: Saturday November 5 at 12 o'clock noon


Ajax-Pickering at the hospital. The rally is targeted to send message to local MPP Joe Dickson. Meet on the street corner by the main entrance (Harwood just south of Bayly).

Bowmanville at MPP Granville Anderson's office at 23 King St. W.

Who: Ontario and Durham Health Coalitions. We are working in partnership with the Friends of the Ajax-Pickering Hospital.

What: Mega-mergers for all the hospitals stretching from Scarborough to Bowmanville have been in the works behind the scenes for several months, without the public knowing about them. Since the summer, costs for the mergers have ballooned to almost $50 million. This is money to pay consultants and lawyers, for staff layoffs and restructuring, for IT systems. It should be money going to actual health care services needed by the 1 million-plus people in the affected region. The Health Coalitions have raised concerns that the high costs and restructuring plans will lead to service cuts in the local hospitals. We are also deeply concerned about the loss of local control and governance, and by the appalling process that has been used to try to stifle public debate and force these mergers through. Rallies are planned to raise these issues and additional concerns at the two Liberal government MPPs' offices in the region. Residents from Oshawa and Whitby will go to the nearest rally.

Photo Op: The rallies will feature lots of signs, banners and other visuals that local community members have made.

Contact Information:

Durham Health Coalition
Trish McAuliffe
co chair

Ontario Health Coalition
Natalie Mehra
executive director