VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - November 07, 2016) - As cannabis sales boom, there are an ever-growing number of entrepreneurs looking to build a retail business within the new -- and soon to be fully legalized -- cannabis economy. Among the many exciting opportunities also exist some challenges, like finding and training staff. Cannabis has been deeply embedded in Canadian society for decades and there's no shortage of eager individuals looking to work in the industry; however, consistent and standardized training is not something that has been readily available to employers.

To help address this problem, Lift Cannabis Co. ("Lift") has released the first Retail Cannabis Training ("RCT") course designed specifically for those working in a retail cannabis environment. Created in partnership with leading elearning development company, Learnkit (who has developed courses for Lululemon, Hootsuite, Earls, University of Toronto, and Mayo Clinic), Lift's RCT course ensures all retail cannabis staff have the knowledge to effectively serve and educate clients, encourage safe use, and ultimately reduce stigma through best practices in the retail industry.

Properly educating consumers -- both medical and recreational -- is vital to combating the misinformation and misconceptions about cannabis. Retail cannabis employees who excel at customer service as well as helping educate customers' about cannabis will create an accessible and open learning environment, encouraging return visits and loyal customers.

"Retail is the future of cannabis sales and will ultimately become as competitive as in any other industry," says Tyler Sookochoff, CEO of Lift. "We've developed this course to not only help business owners save time by providing standardized and effective employee training, but also to ensure that the experience consumers have in the retail environment is as professional and knowledge-driven as possible to help the retailer build customer loyalty."

The RCT course is interactive and self-paced, covering a variety of topics including the history and science of cannabis, public health and harm reduction, and compassionate care and customer service. The course was authored by leading cannabis experts, including Jenna Valleriani , MA, PHD(C), Adam Greenblatt, Erin Prosk, Dr. Craig Jones, PHD, Jamie Shaw, Dr. Mark Vandermaas, PHD, and Alexzander Samuelsson.

Lift's Retail Cannabis Training course is available now. For more information, visit

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Learnkit ( is a new breed of elearning development company. Producing the best custom elearning using their proven Learncycle pedagogy, Learnkit has built courses for leading organizations such as the University of Toronto, lululemon, Hootsuite, Earls, and Mayo Clinic.

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