NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 7, 2016) - Bucking the trend that B2B data is typically for tech, leading furniture retailer Industry West has used B2B intent data to increase commercial buyer engagement with its brand and drive visits to its website through a real-time programmatic advertising campaign.

"Our business challenge required an innovative approach to targeted, data-driven marketing communication," said Ian Leslie, CMO of Industry West. "By using Bombora's intent data, combined with Adaptive Campaign's platform, we were able to identify the right people within our target organizations and deliver the right message to them."

Industry West faced a common challenge given a lack of B2B first party data that made it difficult for it to find 'in-market' commercial buyers of furniture.

Using Bombora's B2B demographic and intent data, Adaptive Campaigns were able to identify companies 'in-market' for office furniture and in real-time serve them with ad creative based on their interests.

Industry West also used this dataset to create a segment of companies interested in its products in Bombora's newly launched interface and used this for activation across multiple platforms for greater campaign reach and efficiency.

"Account-Based Creative enables Bombora customers to buy their data once and use it twice; once for media and once for creative," said Sam Karow, CEO and Co-Founder of Adaptive Campaigns.

In 2016, BKV told Mediapost that when executing programmatic creative strategies, several 'partners' saw more than double the conversion rates and greater interaction.

The Industry West campaigns, using Bombora's Intent data:

  • Performed three times better than averages across all other data platforms.

  • Produced a campaign engagement rate 16 times greater than the industry benchmark1 and nine times above the static control group.

  • Drove website engagement - with 22% of visitors converting on the 'Become a Member' page of the campaign.

"Industry West's results far exceed those rates and we are confident the joint solutions we create with all partners will allow B2B marketers to drive similarly remarkable results," said Greg Herbst, VP of Programmatic Data Solutions at Bombora.

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About Bombora
Bombora is the leading provider of intent data for B2B marketers. Bombora's data aligns marketing and sales teams, enabling them to base their actions on the knowledge of what companies are in market for which products.

The source of this data is the first co-operative of premium B2B media companies. Members contribute content consumption and behavioral data about their audiences. In turn, they can better understand their audiences, serve advertisers and monetize their inventory.

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About Adaptive Campaigns
Adaptive Campaigns is real-time creative management platform for programmatic digital marketing. Adaptive collects and models real-time user data to enable instant updates to creative messages, driving 10x engagement vs. rich media benchmarks. Adaptive is integrated with major media, data and ad serving platforms, making it easy for advertisers to harness the power of real-time, data-driven creative. Learn more at

Sam Karow
Sam is the CEO and founder of Adaptive Campaigns. He still serves as CEO of Effective Marketing Communication and Adjunct professor at Quinlan School of Business, Loyola University. Sam has 20 years of experience in media planning and has been active in dynamic creative optimization since 1999.

1 DoubleClick US Home Furnishings, animated display ad

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