NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 7, 2016) - ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT) announced that it has signed an agreement to distribute branded Amstercans to Speedweed, California's largest Medical Marijuana Delivery Service. Advantis partnered with Southern California medical marijuana cooperative, Natural Elements Inc., to package and distribute the final product.

"This is the game changer," Advantis CEO, Christopher Swartz, said, "Speedweed has over 30,000 cooperative members all over the state. They are California's most highly rated delivery service and are known for their diverse offerings of the finest quality marijuana." Headquartered in Los Angeles, Speedweed relies on its master agricultural specialist and a mass network of cooperative members to procure a large variety of cannabis contrivance such as drinks, edibles, candies, vapors, oils, sprays, pills, and other THC and CBD derived options. The company effectively employs innovative branding and marketing strategies that enhances the member experience. Speedweed is a family run cooperative that delivers to every county in California, where law permits Medical Marijuana delivery.

The CEO of Speedweed, AJ Gentile, sees Amstercan as part of the future of the marijuana industry. "There is tremendous demand for prepackaged products," Gentile explained, "Amstercan style packaging that keeps the product fresh has just not existed until now." Gentile reflected on the different product types that can be contained within the Amstercan, and the branding opportunity it presents. "Packaging is important to our members because it represents a trusted, solid quality product. We can maintain our inventory quality without concern about perishables, provide a variety of products that will become recognizable brand names, and ultimately instill the trust that our members deserve to have in their medicine." Gentile concluded by saying, "The Advantis team is a strong group with a sincere heart; I appreciate their intense focus on innovative technology and I clearly see they care about the future of this industry."

Advantis CEO, Christopher Swartz, has been at the forefront of alternative and innovative pain management solutions throughout his career. Swartz commented that the distribution agreement with Speedweed represents an alignment of philosophical direction within the industry, saying, "I am so excited to have begun this relationship (with Speedweed) because we see the need of the market and the future of the industry in the same way. We care about people and their access to reliable medicine, and we understand that it will become an industry like any other in America... so we have to start treating it that way with effective operational controls and appealing branding/marketing strategies." Swartz expanded on the operational benefit of having a way to preserve marijuana long periods of time. "This technology will not only benefit cooperative and recreational users, but will save millions of dollars in product previously lost to time and decay."

Swartz concluded with some praise of the Speedweed CEO, "I have known AJ as an industry expert for some time; I've seen him on CNBC, HBO, Bloomberg... I am beyond excited to be partnering with such an innovative thinker, and humbled by the knowledge and experience his family brings to the table. Our relationship with Speedweed and Natural Elements will continue to expand, and together we will sell millions of Amstercans, and pioneer the future of the industry in the process." Swartz ended with impressive projections of Amstercan sales within a medical marijuana cooperative that is 30,000 members strong, stating, "Even with just half the members consuming two cans a week for 52 weeks... you do the math... and add in that Speedweed partners with several other dispensaries across the state."

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