Meet Wang Yuan at the crossroad of the world

Beijing, CHINA

BEIJING, Nov. 08, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Across time and crowds, we are going to meet Wang Yuan on the other side of the ocean. Wang Yuan (Roy) is a famous singer, actor and host from mainland China. Fans from China and overseas are fond of him very much because of his graceful behavior and his appearance. At the age of 14, he composed the first song "Because I Met You” and composed the music "The Most Wonderful Time" at the next year for his alma mater.

Wang Yuan (Roy) is the first artist of the millennial generation who got the chance to be on the cover of five major fashion magazines, and one of them sold 71319 copies within 48 seconds which created a sales record. Also, In the field of films and TV series, he has wonderful performance in the "L.O.R.D" and the TV series "Kill Fairy," which makes him be regarded as “a qualified singer and songwriter" and “a rare actor” by the public. In his leisure time, Wang Yuan is engaged in all kinds of public welfare activities. On May 18th, 2016, he was appointed as "Chongqing Civilized Tourism Public Welfare Ambassador."

As the arrival of Wang Yuan's 16th birthday, "Royera," his fan club will post birthday wishes on the Nasdaq screen in Times Square which will play in a rolling loop on November 8th as a birthday gift for him. Happy 16th birthday to Wang Yuan (Roy)!


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