NASHUA, NH--(Marketwired - Nov 9, 2016) - Dresner Advisory Services today published the 2016 Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study, part of the Wisdom of Crowds® series of research. The fourth edition report examines the requirement to make business intelligence (BI) capabilities pervasive by including them as a part of other applications, and includes new content surrounding data monetization.

Out of the 30 strategic business intelligence topics currently under study at Dresner Advisory, embedded BI technology ranks 12th behind mainstream BI practices such as reporting and dashboards, but ahead of areas including governance, cloud, big data, and social media analysis. According to the study, 73 percent of respondents are already using or will use embedded BI within 12 months. R&D is by far the largest current user by department; small organizations are also more likely users of embedded BI.

"We asked organizations about their objectives for embedded BI, and the ability to broaden access to internal users and enable in-context insights and analysis were the most important to respondents," said Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services. "We believe that the main focus of embedded BI today is most likely an internal exercise to spread BI access, improve employee awareness, and assign context and greater insight. Providing external access is less popular, and monetizing embedded BI is an even longer-term objective at this point." 

Users overwhelmingly indicate they are looking for lightweight architectures for embedded BI, led by HTML/iframes and Web services. The top embedded BI feature priorities are "interact with objects" and "single sign-on", with most advanced features gaining some momentum. The report indicates that industry support for feature priorities is well aligned with user demand.

Wisdom of Crowds® research is based on data collected on usage and deployment trends, products, and vendors. Users in all roles and throughout all industries contributed to provide a complete view of realities, plans, and perceptions of the market. To purchase a copy of the 2016 Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study, visit

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