LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Nov 10, 2016) - Freedom Leaf, Inc., "The Marijuana Legalization Company™" (OTC PINK: FRLF) reported, The major victories for the marijuana legalization movement were overshadowed by the Presidential race, but we should recognize that these state initiatives, especially California's, will have a global impact. The world now has a green light to legalize marijuana.

Richard Cowan, co-founder of Freedom Leaf and 45 year proponent for Marijuana Legalization, said, "Everyone seems to agree that the American elites are badly out of touch with the American people, but no one seems to see the most obvious and explicit example of that, the overwhelming rejection of marijuana prohibition, and, despite the major victories, the elites, right and left, still don't 'get it'."

In Nevada, where Freedom Leaf, Inc. is headquartered, the political establishment overwhelmingly opposed legalization, but the people won. Freedom Leaf, Inc. The Marijuana Legalization Company, is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the new opportunities.

Legal marijuana: A $44 billion business by 2020?, read the article written by CBS MoneyWatch writer David Schepp.

The morning after a successful marathon live video feed of election coverage on Tuesday night in conjunction with Cannabis Radio, Freedom Leaf, "The Marijuana Legalization Company™" (OTC PINK: FRLF) discovered early Wednesday morning, to the consternation of many friends and shareholders that its websites ( and were not responding. This statement is in response to numerous inquiries about the incident.

When informed, in an email from our Virtual Private Server provider, that the sites were taken down, "As a part of A2 Hosting Perpetual Security, we've discovered a security issue in your VPS account. The evidence of the security issue: 69,581 pps during 5 second interval (DoS attack)." Clifford Perry, President and CEO of Freedom Leaf, Inc. commented, "That doesn't make any sense. We are the Good News in Marijuana Reform. No one takes the good guys down so there must be another explanation." Initially, Management believed that the high volume of traffic to the site during the election coverage like what happened to Canada's immigration website crash during the US vote, and possible traffic to the site from foreign visitors in earlier time zones, was the cause of the outage. Freedom Leaf's IT department looked at the analytics and noticed that the inbound traffic from Europe and Worldwide brought about as a result of our media partnership with the largest player in the Hispanic market worldwide.

The sites were restored about 10:30 am (PST) and no credible evidence of an organized attack on the sites or was found. The incident actually was tracked to other media properties that are in development and hosted on the Freedom Leaf server. "The volume of traffic certainly attests to the success of the election coverage. We and our partner Cannabis Radio are grateful to all of our friends and supporters who helped spread the word about the broadcast. Regardless of how people feel about the election, cannabis came out the winner and we are very happy to have been part of telling the story," said Mr. Perry. "We expect to be there to announce when Federal Agencies finally catch up to the states that increasingly recognize the rights of the people to care for their own health needs," he concluded.

It makes sense that this election season generated a large spike in views for the Freedom Leaf website, considering it was the largest marijuana legalization event in the history of the nation. The number of recreationally legal states doubled to eight, and four more states now have medical marijuana programs. Visit Freedom Leaf's results guide.

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