Dr. Stanley Jacobs' Ancient Egypt-Inspired Skin Care Line Received a Patent in October

After studying the 3,600-year-old Edwin Smith Papyrus, San Francisco plastic surgeon Dr. Stanley Jacobs blended modern technology with ancient knowledge to revitalize an ancient serum for youthful skin

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - November 11, 2016) - Long fascinated by aesthetics, Ancient Egyptian culture, and medicine, San Francisco plastic surgeon Dr. Stanley Jacobs combined his passions into a singular, eight-year endeavor that ultimately resulted in the creation of a unique skin care line and securing a patent awarded in October 2016.

The process began when Dr. Jacobs noticed a section titled "Transforming an old man into a youth" in the famous Edwin Smith Papyrus, a scroll considered to be the world's oldest document exploring the subject of surgery. The hieratic script revealed a formula for facial rejuvenation, though one ingredient -- "hemayet" -- proved to be a puzzle. Dr. Jacobs worked with other experts to determine that hemayet referred to a substance made from bitter almonds, today known as mandelic acid.

This discovery formed the foundation of the Stanley Jacobs MD® Skin Care line, anchored by Visco-elastic Transforming Serum and further developed to include the Visco-elastic Transforming Creme and Transforming Synergy Peel. Dr. Jacobs worked with Jules Zecchino, a chemist formerly of Estee Lauder, to create the line.

In November 2013, a patent was filed for a "tritightening skin care formulation" comprised of "at least one hydrophilic polymer, at least one desquamatory agent and alpha hydroxyl acid." The patent -- number 9,474,708 -- was granted on Oct. 25, 2016.

Research and testing included measurements of skin elasticity before, during, and after treatments, made by a Cutometer™. This vacuum-powered German device pulls up skin and measures how far it stretches, then releases it and measures the rate at which it returns to its pre-pulled state. Results of clinical trials showed that applying the three products to skin yielded a 43 percent increase in elasticity.

Improved elasticity reduces lines and wrinkles. Mandelic acid can also even out pigmentation and minimize skin breakouts.

In addition to developing this skin care line, the triple board certified Dr. Jacobs operates a cosmetic surgery practice with two offices -- one in Healdsburg, one in San Francisco -- welcoming more than 1,000 patients a year. He developed the SynergyLift™ and Dr. Jacobs Serial VectorLift™ for facial surgery, has been published for his technique in preventing a pulled lower eyelid in blepharoplasty surgery, and is a proponent of the lip lift for restoring a look of youth to aging faces.

To learn more about Stanley Jacobs MD Skin Care®, visit stanleyjacobsmd.com or call (707) 473-0220. To learn more about Dr. Stanley Jacobs' work as a plastic surgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area, visit drstanleyjacobs.com.

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