PASO ROBLES, Calif., Nov. 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Just as he did for the music world with his array of revolutionary custom hand-built electric guitars, Gary Kramer is about to rock the wine world with an equally impressive variety of Estate grown wines offered exclusively through his latest venture, Gary Kramer Guitar Cellars, a smart and contemporary high-end wine lounge, olive oil tasting room, and guitar museum located in the heart of the Central Coast of California’s fastest growing wine region, Paso Robles.

Under development for more than a year, Gary Kramer Guitar Cellars celebrates its official opening with a public event scheduled for Friday, November 18, at 2:00 p.m.  The spacious, two-story wine bar and museum features more than 50 rare and custom one-off guitars, loads of never-before-seen music memorabilia (including a circa 1975 handwritten order for guitars from Mick Jagger), a private lounge area, and an incredible sound system unparalleled to any other wine tasting venue. The brick and wood décor is warm and inviting, and the attention to detail defines exceptional. Guests will feel immediately relaxed and welcomed seated at the rustic but refined wooden L-shaped serving bar, an impressive centerpiece on the ground floor.

Gary Kramer Guitar Cellars will feature its own custom label of red and white wines, which include Syrah, Cabernet, Cabernet Franc, Grenache, Tempranillo, and Albariño. Cultivated from an impeccably balanced combination of highly sought-after grape varieties grown in the Central Coast of California (one of which is Kramer’s 20-acre vineyard at his San Miguel estate), these wines leave little doubt from the first whiff that Kramer and his visionary team of experts have managed to successfully introduce a new and unique blend to the 7,000-year-old craft of viticulture.

Kramer's Syrah enlivens the palate smoothly and without being aggressive, it lives up to its billing with a taste that will please both casual and sophisticated crowds. Aged for no less than 2 years in French oak barrels, and available exclusively through Gary Kramer Guitar Cellars, these boutique wines are easily the best of the region’s offerings to date and rival the finest wines produced from its neighbor up north, Napa Valley. The experienced winemaking team at Gary Kramer Guitar Cellars clearly knows what they are doing. And they have the good sense to maintain the winery’s integrity by not turning these wines into a store brand for the mass market; production is limited to approximately 7,500 bottles per season. This choice should not be surprising as Kramer’s focus is solely on quality, from grapes to glass.

Complementing Kramer’s unequalled commitment to the art of winemaking is his attention to producing the region’s finest olive oil. His line of extra virgin olive, Lacrime di San Miguel, uses olive varieties (Nocerella de Belice (Castelvetrano), Frantioio, Itrana, Moraiolo, Ogliarola, and Picholine) originating from various regions in Italy, including Sicily, and Southern France and grown to perfection at Kramer’s family-owned 20-acre orchard at Villa San Miguel. Hand-harvested at the peak of ripeness and milled within 4 hours, this custom blend of unfiltered extra virgin olive oil has a buttery taste featuring almond and pungently grassy notes. Complex, yet harmonious, well-structured and fresh, this distinctive combination of olive oil showcases a rich spicy finish. Like his wine, production of his olive oil is limited, just 900 bottles per season, and is also sold only at Gary Kramer Guitar Cellars.

The name Kramer has earned a solid reputation synonymous with quality and character, first with Kramer Guitars, which became the number one selling guitar brand in the United States, later with Gary Kramer Guitars, a brand known for reinventing the electric guitar and ushering in a new era in sound and aesthetics, and most recently with The Gables at the Rockin’ K, a luxurious Vacation Rental located in the hills of San Miguel, California. Gary Kramer captures that same artistry, strategic vision, and pioneer spirit in his latest endeavor, Gary Kramer Guitar Cellars.

You may join in the celebration at the grand opening of Gary Kramer Guitar Cellars on Friday, November 18, at 2:00 p.m., or take a virtual tour of the wine lounge at

Gary Kramer Guitar Cellars 
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