GIMLI, MB--(Marketwired - November 14, 2016) - Aurora Recovery Centre announced today that it is providing much needed relief do to the acute shortage of premier private alcohol and chemical dependency treatment capacity in Canada.

"Aurora Recovery Centre is one of the only major private facilities in the country featuring 24/7 medical detox and leading residential treatment programs delivered by highly experienced and qualified professionals including psychologists, therapists, counsellors and other support staff," said Paul D. Melnuk, Chairman and CEO of Aurora Recovery Centre. "The numbers show there is a crisis happening across Canada with long waiting periods for people who are in need of drug and alcohol medical detox and treatment and we offer immediate 24/7 availability. Here are the latest statistics from across Canada," he added.

Province  Number of Days Canadians Wait for Drug Rehab
British Columbia  18
Alberta  17
Saskatchewan  25
Manitoba  52
Ontario  42.3
Quebec  does not track
New Brunswick  does not track
Nova Scotia  19.7
Prince Edward Island  would not provide
Newfoundland and Labrador  18

"We opened in late May 2016 following a multi-year and multi-million dollar renovation. Aurora has both medical detox and residential beds immediately available," Melnuk said. "With 24/7 medical detox, outstanding location and facilities, leading edge programming and the best professionals possible, it is truly a little piece of heaven, an incredible environment and a great choice to focus on overall wellness and personal recovery," he added.

Aurora is Here for a Purpose:
The leadership team of Paul D. Melnuk (Chairman, CEO and Founder), Keith Singer (Director of Client Care), "Manitoba Hero" Ian Rabb (Director of Business Development), and Ivan Gribanov (CFO) came together to fulfill a purpose of helping alcoholic and chemically dependent people find the miracle of their own recovery.

"We all have direct, first-hand experience with the disease of addiction and the miracle of recovery for addicts and their loved ones," said Melnuk. "The combination of this experience, years of previous treatment industry experience with decades of successful business careers, provide a solid foundation for creating a truly client-focused culture with a highly experienced, credentialed and passionate staff who care very much about the welfare and success of clients," he continued.

Treatment Philosophy:
Although deeply committed to 12-step recovery, the daily programming is filled with state-of-the-art bio/psycho/social practices to ensure individual client needs are addressed with highly qualified professionals to provide a solid foundation for sustained, long term recovery.

"We fit our programming to best serve our individual clients' needs rather than expecting our clients to fit our programming," said Keith Singer. "We believe in the disease concept of addiction and co-existing mental health disorders," he added.

At Aurora, addiction and disorders are treated concurrently to set the client on a solid foundation for sustained long term recovery. "We address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues that face virtually all addicts," said Singer.

"I am very proud of the team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to collaboratively serving individual client needs," Singer added. "In fact, each client has two-primary counsellors, one more deeply trained in addiction recovery and the other deeply trained and experienced in the bio/psycho/social practices. We also provide Masters and PhD level therapists to deal with more challenging client issues," he concluded.

Aurora Recovery Centre:
Aurora is a 70 bed, 45,000 square foot resort style recovery centre with an onsite 14 bed medical detox unit. It has quickly become a gold standard, cutting edge and industry leading private drug and alcohol treatment centre located just outside of the resort town of Gimli, Manitoba. Situated on the pristine shores of Lake Winnipeg, Aurora's beautiful beachfront and manicured 14 acres produce freedom from all distractions and triggers and yet, still less than an hour's drive north of Winnipeg International Airport.

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