iQ Media Launches Real-Time Searchable TV Platform For Advertisers & Marketers

New Solution Merges the Power of Search with TV Programming, Giving Brands the Ability to Track and Prove TV and Brand Sponsorship Investments in the Moment

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 15, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- iQ Media (, a pioneer of in-the-moment media measurement technology, today announced the launch of its first real-time searchable TV platform for brands. Through its proprietary logo-recognition and spoken word-detection technology, iQ Media’s new platform monitors logo appearances and tracks spoken brand name and keyword mentions on earned and paid TV, as they happen. Marketers are now able to evaluate and accurately measure their (and competitors’) TV and brand sponsorship investments without the delay characteristic of current TV data delivery options.

Founded in 2010, iQ Media launched as a media intelligence and monitoring platform specifically for PR and communications teams, helping hundreds of companies—including Domino’s Pizza, Energizer, NHL, Red Bull and SONIC Drive-In—prove media ROI, optimize campaign spend and get actionable competitor data in real-time. With its new fully-automated TV measurement solution, iQ Media will now serve marketing teams at large, giving them real-time access to TV data across all 210 DMAs. Marketers enter the keywords or logos they want to track into the system and the iQ Media platform begins reporting occurrences of brand mentions and logo appearances as they happen.

“Marketers have traditionally had to wait several weeks—even months—to get data about their TV campaigns and sponsorship investments. This wait-time is incompatible with the dynamic and responsive nature of today’s consumers, however,” said Kye Strance, CEO and president of iQ Media. “Because our platform is fully automated and is scanning TV and media content around the clock, it doesn’t miss important brand events, such as a logo appearing on an athlete’s shirt or hat for a split second on live TV.”

iQ Media’s new searchable TV platform’s key features and benefits include:

  • Real-Time Logo and Spoken-Word Recognition: iQ Media’s proprietary logo-recognition and spoken word-detection technology accurately identifies when a brand is seen and heard on TV, and definitively distinguishes between earned vs. paid occurrences.  This data allows marketers to immediately evaluate, measure and understand the ROI of major media investments.
  • Instant Competitor Intelligence: iQ Media’s comprehensive ad-hoc search feature allows brands to track multiple competitor logos and brand names simultaneously, in real-time (or across historical data), resulting in a comprehensive view of competitor’s paid and earned media placements, campaign performance, market proliferation, and other media insights. Marketers can additionally plot their own campaigns up against competitors’ to see how their plans stack up to relevant brands.
  • Real-Time TV Attribution & Searchable Audience Segments: iQ Media gives marketers split-second insights into TV events while on air, so that they can correlate demographic, geographic, time-of-day, and even third-party data with audience behaviors. This helps brands attribute on-air activities to digital traffic, purchase activity and social engagement.
  • Six Years of Historical TV Programming: iQ Media has built the industry’s largest compilation of historical TV content, with over 22 million hours of TV programming. This gives marketers access to trend, demographic- and competitor-specific data on campaigns—theirs or competitors’—run over the last six years, for use in benchmarking and strategic media planning.

iQ Media has won several awards, including being named an Entrepreneur 360 “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” in 2016, one of the “Best Places to Work in PA” in 2014 and 2016, and the “Codie Best Software-as-a-Service Application” in 2015. iQ Media is backed by investors Edison Partners and GMH Venture Partners.

For more information about iQ Media and its new platform, please contact Gretel Going, or 212.680.0179.

About iQ Media
iQ Media is the pioneer of real-time searchable TV, changing the way marketers access and evaluate their brand performance across earned and paid media. With over 22 million hours of TV content from 210 DMAs, iQ Media delivers heard and seen logo recognition, competitor data, industry benchmarks and local to national-level audience data. Serving brands such as Domino's Pizza, Energizer, NHL, Red Bull and SONIC Drive-In, iQ Media provides a single, user-friendly platform that helps marketing, PR and customer insights teams better understand earned and paid media TV ROI, moments after it happens. For more information, please visit


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