RESTON, VA--(Marketwired - Nov 16, 2016) - Echo360 announced, today, the acquisition of online learning company Astute Technology, whose testing and certification platform allows organizations and institutions to evaluate user comprehension of video content and generate cloud-based certificates as users master new skills and competencies.

With the integration of the Astute assessment and credentialing suite into the Echo360 video platform, faculty, institutional leaders, and continuing education providers will have access to an expanded set of tools to assess learning and measure student engagement. The acquisition reflects Echo360's ongoing innovation in video technology-transforming traditional lecture capture from passive infrastructure technology into collaborative communities of learning and insights. 

"As institutions continue to invest heavily in video infrastructure and cloud-based technology, it's essential that those investments are tied to improving learning outcomes," said Fred Singer, CEO of Echo360. "The integration of Astute Technology assessment and analytics capabilities will help CIOs, institutional leaders, and training providers 'future proof' their video investment, allowing these new platforms to support the core objectives of teaching and learning."

To date, over 3 million continuing education certificates have been awarded by non-profit, corporate, medical societies, and government healthcare organizations using Astute Technology's learning platform and certification solutions. Astute's focus on healthcare compliments the wide-adoption of Echo360 technology in academic fields like healthcare, science, and veterinary medicine, where student engagement is essential.

The acquisition also provides continuing education providers with a robust platform to create meaningful learning experiences that are no longer confined to in-person training and conferences. Together, Echo360 and Astute Technology provides a comprehensive online learning platform that expands access to critical content for learners, gives instructors real-time insights into the student experience, and allows education providers to capture and share learning content from conferences and in-person trainings. 

"The shift toward competency based learning and hiring is driving demand for much more granular insight into better evidence of what students learn, and how that learning translates into workforce relevant skills," said Jon Merril, CEO of Astute Technology. "Today's learners -- undergraduates and professionals -- increasingly need access to the right content, at the right time. Our experience in aligning content with dynamic assessments to measure comprehension, paired with Echo360's video platform, assembles critical elements to make use of video across complex organizations, and design digital learning experiences that drive learning outcomes."

Backed by Steve Case's Revolution Growth, Echo360's technologies are used by over 3 million students in 11,000 classrooms at 750 schools across 30 countries. Through the Echo360 platform, faculty and instructors are able to tap into powerful learner analytics, generated as students review course content in advance of class, ask questions during class in an anonymous and risk-free way, and engage with instructors and peers anytime and anywhere.

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Echo360 believes that improved outcomes start with great moments in the classroom. Developed by educators, Echo360 helps instructors capture and extend those moments to improve student engagement before, during and after class. Through our academic video platform, students have 24/7 access to classroom discussion, presentation materials, and the lecture itself. We generate data that helps instructors and institutions identify problems early and take action. Today, Echo360 technologies are used by over 3 million students in 11,000 classrooms at 750 schools across 30 countries. Echo360 is backed by Revolution Growth led by Steve Case, Ted Leonsis and Donn Davis.

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