LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Dec 2, 2016) - Digipath, Inc. (OTCQB: DIGP) ("Digipath" or the "Company"), an independent cannabis lab testing and media firm, is pleased to provide an overview of Digipath Labs' vision for establishing classification of cannabis strains based on science and not colloquialism.

Today, most buyers of cannabis, whether retail or wholesale, make purchasing decisions that are largely dependent on the name of the strain (or "cultivar") that they are purchasing. However, there are several significant issues with this process, most notably the lack of any standardization regarding strain definition and identification. As there are no widely accepted, scientifically backed conventions for the classification of cannabis strains, buyers are left making product choice decisions that are inherently uncertain.

Dr. Cindy Orser, PhD, Chief Science Officer of Digipath, Inc., has provided the following commentary to elaborate on these issues and explain how Digipath Labs, with its robust cache of cannabis chemotypical data, is well-positioned to bring to market a solution to these largely unaddressed problems in concert of genotype stratification.

Reducing Cannabis to its Fundamentals
Currently, the lack of standardized naming conventions in the cannabis industry (use of acronyms, non-standard abbreviations, etc.) is making it increasingly difficult to know what is on the market and to make effective comparisons. This uncertainty is impacting many ancillary efforts, including confidence at the dispensary, and is creating a regulatory quagmire for trademarking and patenting strains (i.e. cultivars). Due to this uncertainty, knowledgeable consumers have been driven to pay premiums for authenticated flower through which desired product experiences can be consistently attained.

Most cannabis testing labs are complying with the minimum state-mandated quality assurance testing protocols combined with basic chemoprofiling of cannabis and cannabis-based products. However, Digipath Labs has gone far beyond the minimum mandate and has embarked on a robust multivariate analysis of over 4,000 chemoprofiles from flower samples evaluated in its Las Vegas laboratory.

This analysis is expected to result in the consolidation of unique flower chemoprofiles, perhaps 25 to 30 chemotypes with shared cannabinoid-to-terpene values, that will be instrumental in defining clinically relevant chemotypes masquerading under a plethora of strain names. Once the chemotypes are defined through multivariate analyses, Digipath Labs plans to select representative strains for each distinct chemotype and submit them for genotyping analysis. The genotyping data will confirm the chemotypes, and this combined dataset will finally establish standardized, genetically defined conventions for the classification of cannabis strains, translating to truth in advertising throughout the industry.

Such a dataset will have value to any medical patient or recreational consumer interested in a consistent cannabis experience. Instead of merely directing patients and consumers to various dispensaries based on the availability of strains by pseudonym, existing providers such as Leafly and WeedMaps would be able to utilize the Digipath dataset to provide patients and consumers direction based on specific, certified cultivars (as well as the various brand names used by cultivars).

This effort will parallel the establishment of cannabis phylogenetic trees, pinpointing what clinically relevant strains are being cultivated, as well as illuminating the numerous pseudonyms under which these true cultivars have been marketed, all beginning in Nevada and expanding to other markets worldwide.

-Dr. Cindy Orser, PhD
 Chief Science Officer
 Digipath, Inc. (DIGP) & Digipath Labs

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