TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Dec. 5, 2016) - Blue Sky Energy Inc. (the "Company" or "BSI") (TSX VENTURE:BSI) has acquired from Sonoro Energy International Holdings BV (the "Vendor"), 100% of the issued and outstanding common shares of Sonoro Energy Iraq B.V. ("Sonoro Iraq"), a company incorporated in the Netherlands and the designated operator and party to several license agreements with the Al-Salah ad Din Provincial Government of Iraq for the exploration, appraisal and development of petroleum resources.

The primary contract, an Asphalt License Agreement signed in 2010, has been under Force Majeure since July 2013 due, at the time, to the deteriorating security situation. Prior to that, Sonoro Iraq had conducted various studies, geological and drilling preparatory work, and published an independent prospective resource evaluation report covering the gross license area of 24,363 square kilometers or approximately six million acres. The report was prepared by RPS Energy Canada Ltd. in accordance with NI 51-101 definitions and the COGE Handbook.

In consideration for the acquisition, BSI will make contingent payments to the Vendor, in tranches, totalling up to four million dollars based on the start of crude oil production to eighty thousand barrels per day. In the event that no production is achieved by BSI related to Sonoro Iraq's license agreements, no consideration or payments shall be owing or payable to the Vendor.

Highlights of the Prospective Resource Report:

  • Risked Prospective Resources in the Salah ad Din province are estimated on a gross recoverable oil basis to be approximately 5.2 billion barrels (P50), ranging between 1.7 billion barrels (P95) to 10.3 billion barrels (P5).
  • The estimated Recoverable Oil Resources for a single field discovery in the province is 200 million barrels (P50), ranging between 10 million barrels (P90) and 4.2 billion barrels (P10), with an expected (mean) field size of approximately 1.3 billion barrels oil recoverable.
  • The prospective heavy oil resources (<25°API) are expected to be between 42% and 60% of the total prospective oil resources in the province.
  • Recovery factors using the Energy Intelligence data (see note 3, below) indicate recovery factors in the range of 15% to 35% for all discovered fields in the study area (16.8% to 25.6% for the heavy oil fields).

There is no certainty that any portion of the prospective resources will be discovered. If a discovery is made, there is no certainty that it will be developed or, if it is developed, there is no certainty as to the timing of such development or that it will be commercially viable to produce any portion of the prospective resources.

Table 1: Prospective Risked Resources (Gross Technically Recoverable) in the Mesopotamian Cretaceous and Tertiary - Salah ad Din Province

Prospective Resources - Risked Recoverable Oil (MMbbl)

P95 P50 P5 Mean
Cretaceous 1,709 5,090 10,065 5,394
Tertiary 36 114 240 123
Total 1,745 5,204 10,305 5,517

Table 2: Expected Field Size Distribution (Technically Recoverable) in the Mesopotamian Cretaceous and Tertiary - Salah ad Din Province

Expected Field Size2 - Technically Recoverable Oil (MMbbl)

Data Source3 P90 P50 P10 Mean
Data Set 1 (WM) 4 150 5,081 2,346
Data Set 2 (IHS) 16 244 3,636 1,376
Data Set 3 (EIG) 11 206 3,958 1,567
Average Field Size 10 200 4,225 1,763
(1) Prospective Resources are those quantities of petroleum estimated, as of a given date, to be potentially recoverable from undiscovered accumulations by application of future development projects. Prospective Resources have both an associated chance of discovery and a chance of development. Prospective Resources are further subdivided in accordance with the level of certainty associated with recoverable estimates assuming their discovery and development and may be sub-‐classified based on project maturity. The chance of commerciality is the product of these two risk components.
(2) Expected Field Size is the range of typical field sizes for the regional geologic setting. Field discoveries within the Salah ad Din Province are expected to be within this range and the aggregate of future potential field discoveries to be distributed in this manner.
(3) Sources: Data Set 1 -‐ Wood Mackenzie Pathfinder E&P Database, Data Set 2 -‐ IHS EDIN E&P Database and Data Set 3 -‐ Iraq Ministry of Oil Reserves Estimates as published by the Energy Intelligence Group, October 2010.

Due to the recent improving security situation and liberation of areas by Iraqi forces, the Company intends to re-evaluate and re-engage the Iraq Federal Government and Provincial Authorities on the prospect of re-activating the agreements and obtaining the necessary Federal Government approvals to commence the appraisal work in this prolific area. The Company, its principals and advisors, have a significant track record and expertise in conducting petroleum operations in Middle East and Iraq.

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