TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Dec. 5, 2016) - The Royal Canadian Institute for Science (RCIScience), Canada's oldest public scientific society, applauds the Government of Canada for creating the position of Chief Science Advisor to the Government of Canada.

A Science Advisor will build a bridge between Government and Canada's scientific community to bring clarity to issues that hinge on research findings. This appointment will also work to elevate the importance of science across all levels of Canadian society.

"Policy is not made in a vacuum. The voice of science must be heard when dealing with important issues. The decision to appoint a Science Advisor demonstrates the Federal Government's commitment to fostering a robust science culture, which our members believe is key to building a stronger Canada," said Peter Love, President of the Royal Canadian Institute for Science (RCIScience), Canada's oldest public scientific society.

For more than 165 years, RCIScience has worked towards building a strong science culture in Canada. A science culture features strong public engagement with science, inspires students to pursue careers in STEM, stimulates innovation and creates jobs in science and technology. People who live in a science culture can more easily make informed decisions when weighing medical treatment options or healthy food purchases. Their lives are enriched by fascinating bodies of knowledge of how the world works. We welcome the creation of the Science Advisor position as a strong step by the Government of Canada to foster a greater science culture in this country.

Canadian scientific research is robust and has a large impact, locally and globally. RCIScience strongly believes that bringing a scientific perspective to decision-making is vital to building a strong Canada. This idea was central to Sir Sandford Fleming when he and his colleagues formed the Institute in 1849: a forum for the exchange of scientific ideas that would "do great good to my adopted country." This appointment represents a great step towards that goal.

The RCIS is a platform for public engagement with leading scientists. Through public lectures and webcasts, we expand science dialogue and promote informed decision making in our communities. Founded in 1849, the RCIS is among the oldest societies of any kind in Canada and its longest-running scientific organization. It has a long tradition as an independent, not-for-profit organization, a credible source of scientific information, helping the public understand the vital role that science plays in our lives.

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