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TrueMotion Announces Regulatory Approval of First Ever Auto Insurance Score for Distracted Driving

Pennsylvania and New Jersey become first states to recognize and codify the risk of distracted driving

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Dec 8, 2016) - TrueMotion today announced that its proprietary Distracted Driving Score has received approval by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department and the New Jersey Division of Insurance. This is the first ever Usage Based Insurance (UBI) score that captures and scores a driver's actual distraction habits (talking, texting, app use and other interactions with a smartphone), enabling insurers to incent and reward safe driving. This milestone represents a significant recognition of the negative impacts of distracted driving, and is the first step towards a future of auto insurance in which both insurers and drivers are incented to identify risky and reduce deadly distracted driving behavior behind the wheel.

The most recent data from the National Highway Traffic Administration shows that 17,775 people died in auto crashes in the first six months of 2016. This number is a 10.4 percent year-over-year increase from 2015, is about 16 percent higher than at the six-month mark in 2014 and reverses a 50-year trend of decreasing fatalities. It is estimated that nearly 40 percent of crashes now are the result of some form of distraction.

"We know that accidents, fatalities and claims costs related to distraction are spiking, resulting in across-the-board price increases for consumers, but until now, it's been impossible for insurance companies to account for distraction in their policies," said Scott Griffith, co-founder and Chairman of TrueMotion. "For the first time, insurers, fleet operators and others can now partner with TrueMotion to measure, score and modify distracted driving behaviors."

TrueMotion partners with insurance companies to offer discounts to drivers based on undistracted and otherwise safe driving behaviors. Using data from the smartphone's built-in sensors, TrueMotion's mobile app creates a Distraction Score by tracking and analyzing a driver's actual interactions with their smartphone while driving. Up to 75 percent of people reduce their use of the phone while driving after downloading TrueMotion's app.

"The approval of our score by state insurance regulatory agencies is a key indication of a growing alignment around the importance of reducing distracted driving," said Griffith. "From insurers offering usage-based insurance, to the campaigns of wireless carriers and device manufacturers, to initiatives by the Federal Highway Administration and the National Safety Council, distracted driving is getting its due as the crisis that it has become."

TrueMotion is offering a turnkey, behavior-based Insurance solution, which includes the Distracted Driving Score, to insurers in the state of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In addition to the mobile app and data analytics, the solution includes an actuarially-sound score and the associated state-approved regulatory rating and forms. The TrueMotion solution allows insurers to quickly launch an offer that helps reduce their own costs, helps customers save money and helps improve road safety in their community.

"TrueMotion's technology gives insurers a unique view into the real risk of distraction based on actual driving," said Roosevelt Mosley, principal and consulting actuary with Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc., an independent actuarial and management consulting firm that worked with TrueMotion to develop the Distracted Driving Score. "With this information, they can better understand the true loss potential of their customer base, and take steps to influence safer driving."

TrueMotion has filed for, and is currently awaiting approval of, its Distracted Driving score in three additional states. The company's goal is to have the Distracted Driving score approved in all 50 states in the U.S.

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