AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - December 07, 2016) - EPIC Corporation (OTC PINK: EPOR) ("EPIC" or "Company") and Ronald S. Tucker announced, "EPIC has, within the last several months, identified and made contact with more than 10 development stage Medical Device companies which has helped to refine the 'EPIC Process,' and EPIC announced its 15th consecutive quarterly dividend of common stock payable to preferred stockholders."

EPIC's Board of Directors has approved the Company's fifteenth consecutive quarterly stock dividend to its preferred shareholders as of December 23, 2016, and payable on December 30, 2016. The number of shares to be distributed will be 12.5% of the number of preferred shares held by the preferred shareholders, and all fractional shares are to be rounded up.

The "EPIC Process" enables a qualified private company ("QPC") through a qualified private placement ("QPP") or a qualified merger ("QM") to raise capital and provide its investors with an exit strategy.

The EPIC Process ("Process") was developed by Mr. Tucker in 1995 with the concept that, although not easy, it was easier to raise capital with a trading security. The Process, to be effective, must have a low cost and establish free trading shares through a Regulation A exemption provided under the Securities Act of 1933.

The concept was validated and the process effected when Mr. Tucker and a co-partner founded Tensleep Corporation (now EPIC Corporation) in 1997, Tensleep Technologies, in 2001, RX Healthcare Systems, Ltd., in 2007, and EPIC Medicor Corporation in 2016.

The Process is a long term program and private companies perceived the Process to have little value when seeking capital in the short term.

For several months EPIC has been making presentations to third party companies to be acquired by RX Healthcare or for the development of joint ventures. The results of our discussions have caused EPIC to define and refine the Process so potential QPCs can realize that the long term program is not an alternative to, but is an enhancement to a short term program.

The Process now provides a cost effective integrated public solicitation for the short term and the long term for a small company at a low cost.

About EPIC

EPIC has had the same management and same primary objective to provide investors with a high yield and ROI since its incorporation in 1997.

EPIC, The Dividend Company, is an "Outside-The-Box" privately traded Special Purpose Vehicle that provides value added turn-key solutions to qualified private companies ("QPC").

The EPIC value added difference is its assumption of responsibility for effecting and managing the tactical financial plans as the QPC's Director of Finance

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