CUPERTINO, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 8, 2016) - Stack, the technology leader behind the world's first responsive lighting solutions, today announced the beta launch of its Home Awareness service that notifies users of occupancy in their home while they are away. Home Awareness is available across the Stack product portfolio including the brand new Stack Classic bulbs, which started shipping to pre-order customers this week and are now available for purchase on the Stack website.

The new Home Awareness service enables users to receive occupancy alerts to their phone when their home is set to Away, as well as a House Sitting service that mimics occupancy patterns, turning Stack lights on and off throughout the day as if someone was home. Stack bulbs create a home monitoring system for renters and homeowners without expensive legacy security hardware and high monthly costs. A dashboard within the app also displays the time each room in your home was last occupied, and room icons will pulse on the app home screen in real-time while occupied.

In addition to the launch of Home Awareness, the Stack Classic bulb is now generally available for purchase and is currently shipping to pre-order customers. The Stack Classic is an A19 form factor that leverages Stack's proprietary Distributed Doppler Field technology. This unique technology, using active Radio Frequency (RF) motion sensors, which are similar to a mini radar array in each unit, allows the bulbs to detect motion through lamp shades and other common fixtures and sconces.

"With light bulbs being the most common electronic device in a building, it's only natural that lighting should become the backbone of a responsive sensor network for indoor spaces," said Neil Joseph, Founder & CEO of Stack. "Our new Home Awareness service provides users with a way of monitoring their home in a simple, non-invasive way, unlike a camera or cumbersome external sensors. The launch of the new Stack Classic allows for full-coverage in most homes and provides more granular data with RF sensors embedded in each bulb."

In line with their commitment to creating valuable services that benefit the lives of their users, Stack is also gaining recognition for their newly-announced Stack Care platform. Stack's solution for non-invasive activity monitoring that benefits elderly caregivers and families with seniors is currently being tested with beta customers and will be more generally available in early 2017. The Aging2.0 Alliance awarded Stack Care its coveted Global Startup Search award over hundreds of companies in October of this year.

Stack's innovative light bulbs are each equipped with embedded sensors, which enable the lights to dynamically react to ambient light and occupancy. Both the Classic and Downlight run on open IoT standards and help expand the capabilities of other compatible smart home devices including Amazon Echo and other Alexa-enabled devices, the Nest Learning Thermostat and devices working with IFTTT.

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