MISSOULA, MT--(Marketwired - December 09, 2016) - Of the many perceived hurdles to utilizing fiber optic cables in AV integration projects, the safety risks in handling glass fibers during the installation process has been high on the list. Not only can the sharp end of the glass core or shards that are produced when a connector is affixed to it puncture the skin and cause serious health hazards, but the exposure that the glass experiences during a typical fiber cable termination poses risks to its strength and durability. But, Cleerline Technology Group's revolutionary Cleerline SSF™ fiber optic cables have removed the risk for both AV pros and their customers thanks to a patented polymer coating between the glass core and protective outer jacket.

"With decades of in-the-field integration experience under our belts, we know first-hand the safety risks integrators face when working with materials like fiber optic glass," says Cleerline principal Ryan Prentice. "Injuries to the installer as well as those in the installation area afterward are very possible because of the dangers of working with sharp glass fibers in the cable and the invisible bits and pieces of glass that result from the standard fiber termination process. Cleerline SSF™ takes safety to a new level in the fiber optics world."

Cleerline SSF™ fiber optic cables can provide this safety because of their cutting-edge construction, which does not require the glass fiber core to be exposed, polished, and cleaved when a connector is attached to join the cable to AV components. This prevents any opportunity for the bare glass to injure the installer, and also ensures that any cut ends of the cable are fully enclosed in the protective jacket so they cannot cause any harm to those in the area afterward.

But the protection of this construction doesn't end with the integrator. Because the glass itself is fully shielded throughout the installation process and always exists within the protective polymer coating, it is safer from weather and other environmental risks, as well as contamination during installation, preserving the highest-resolution signal transfer for longer than any other connectivity option available.

Safer for AV professionals during installation and safer for customers' long-term connectivity performance -- Cleerline SSF™ fiber optic cables have safety covered in integration projects from start to finish and beyond.

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