CHARLESTON, SC--(Marketwired - Dec 12, 2016) - Children worried about getting on Santa's nice list this year now have a direct line to the jolly elf himself thanks to the new suite of apps released today called iOKids®. The company launched the apps to introduce its iOKids (Internet of Kids) platform, the only network of its kind designed for children as young as 4-12 years old. Now, children across the globe can chat with Santa and send him their wish lists over tablets and smart phones, and parents won't have to worry about safety or privacy. The apps are immediately available for download from the app store - iOKids  app and iOKids Parent app. See video overview here.

While kids are busy chatting with Santa and their friends on the app, parents have their own app, iOKids Parent that puts them squarely in control of their children's online profile and connections. The app creates a parent-approved ecosystem for safe communication through games, toys, and even their smart home environment.

"The Chat with Santa feature of iOKids is the first of many exciting features for the iOKids platform," said Dynepic CEO, Krissa Watry "With this release we are enabling young children to get connected while giving parents peace of mind that they are safe and secure to play, socialize, and learn in the new digital world."

How the iOKids platform works to keep kids connected and safe

To begin using iOKids, parents access their own special parent app, verify they are an adult, create secure iOKids accounts for each of their children who are under 13, set permissions and settings, and approve games and smart toys that are using the iOKids Connect login.

Children use the secure iOKids login credentials to sign into the iOKids app and they can also use that login for other apps and games as the platform expands, just like adults may use a Facebook or Google account to sign in to their apps. Unlike the adult single-sign on, the iOKids login has a patent pending feature that allows kids to take their parent-approved iOKids friends list with them into other apps and toys. Encrypted data and an authentication server backed by IBM ensure that all the information provided is kept private, and children's interactions are known to parents.

The iOKids Parent app allows parents to manage friend lists, monitor chats, and chat with other parents. All friend requests must be approved by both children's parents. A special management feature allows parents to put their child into a digital timeout by temporarily muting access to an app or even muting a friend. A simple dashboard provides visibility for parents to monitor the privacy data being collected, stored, and shared on their children by iOKids and the other apps that use the iOKids login.

About Dynepic Dynepic®, the iOKids company, is pioneering the secure connection of children into the digital world with its iOKids platform, a secure, social gateway that makes it easy to build and launch community experiences for kids in apps, and enables parents to manage how and with whom their children interact online. Dynepic was founded by Krissa Watry, a USAF Academy and MIT educated engineer, and Jacqueline Arn, a 40-year educator. The two partnered after Krissa spent her early career in the aerospace sector as a USAF officer and as a civilian designing and leading cutting edge technology development programs for the DoD, NASA, and in the commercial space. For more information on iOKids, please visit,, or email

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