TAIPEI, TAIWAN--(Marketwired - Dec 11, 2016) - Jingle LLC, a startup company just launched their product "Strike", a smart baseball with built in Gyroscope, Bluetooth and a battery. A firm and well-designed inner structure, that comes with its own APP. Once users pitch the smart ball, it will send the speed, spin rate, and transitory to a mobile device. Its self-designed App will generate a real time 3D image, along with the related real time information.

The benefit of using "Strike" is pitchers can record and demonstrate their performance through practice. With all these data, coaches and head scouts can get more reference while they are planning & recruiting. And sure it's also have social media function as well. They wish Strike can provide more detail information and data to users who are more focus about the way they pitch.

Furthermore, in order to minimize the difference between real baseball and Strike, Jingle LLC made it as the same weight with same surface texture as real balls.

Product Feature:

3D Trajectory: Our dedicated algorithm tracks the ball's path and generates a 3D replay.
Spin: Strike measures each pitch's spin rate which is key to curve balls.
Speed: Strike can instantly detect the ball's velocity.
Pitch Location: Our strike zone detection technology helps you improve your accuracy.
Rotation Axis: Strike records the ball's axis of rotation so you can better understand your pitch.

Activity History: Your pitching stats will automatically be stored in the Strike cloud so that you can review your performance anytime and anywhere! All you need to do is login to your account from any mobile device to view your cloud information.

Achievements: Strike's unique Achievement System motivates you to keep reaching your goals and to have fun!

Pitch Comparison: Strike acts as the ultimate personal coach by providing immediate feedback about your pitching performance over time.

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About Jingle LLC

Jingle LLC is a company that used to develop sport related technology with experiences over years. Strike is the very first self-own product in the market. It can help more pitchers who would like to record their movement & data during pitching.

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