HONG KONG, CHINA and NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - December 13, 2016) - CBX Software, the leader in Total Sourcing Management for the retail industry, today announced the CBX Mobile Audit, the company's latest mobile app. The new mobile app will dramatically simplify, and speed-up factory audits and at the same time ensure a higher level of data integrity.

Earlier this year, CBX launched Mobile Inspector, a mobile app designed to dramatically ease pre-shipment inspections by enabling product inspectors with innovative automation tools in the field. The Mobile Inspector, already adopted by CBX's customers, has received positive reviews by sourcing and supply chain executives. The new Mobile Audit app offers retailers and brands similarly powerful automation for auditors in conducting onsite factory audits.

The Mobile Audit app was developed in response to popular demands from retailers and brands requiring an easy to use and reliable solution to capture audit information and automate audit workflow. The mobile app provides flexibility, through configurable templates, handle a wide range of audit requirements. Audit criteria and check lists can be tailored for ethical and social compliance, environmental and sustainability compliance, regulatory compliance, production capability and capacity, and other quality or compliance requirements.

Using the Mobile Audit app, auditors record all findings, results and corrective actions in a mobile device. In addition to completing information in predefined templates, auditors can take photos of factory environments and mark them up and add annotations. The auditor can also record voice memos and videos in an audit report. Once an audit is completed, the auditor as well as the factory's manager electronically signs the audit report directly on the tablet. Moreover the electronic signature is stamped with the date-time and precise GPS geolocation to further increase the integrity of the report.

With CBX Mobile Audit, audit data are automatically uploaded to CBX Cloud as soon as an audit is completed. The mobile app completely eliminates any manual rekeying and associated errors that exist in traditional spreadsheets or paper approaches. Moreover, with report data and results automatically uploaded to CBX Cloud, workflow automation are immediately triggered. For example, sourcing and supply chain managers are automatically notified to take appropriate actions.

"CBX Mobile Audit will be a must-have tool for factory and social compliance auditors. This mobile app will not only save auditors' time but also significantly increase managements' confidence of the audit data and results," said Michael Hung, CEO of CBX Software. "We are excited to launch this new mobile solution that strategically expands the value of our Total Sourcing Management vision."

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