SS8 Threat Rewind Report Exposes Top Cyber Security Evasion and Exfiltration Techniques of 2016

Traffic Tunneling, DNS Exfiltration and Malformed Protocols in Outbound Traffic Found in Most Networks

MILPITAS, CA--(Marketwired - December 15, 2016) - SS8, the time machine for breach detection, today released its 2016 Threat Rewind Report, which reveals the top cybersecurity evasion and exfiltration techniques used by attackers.

WHO: SS8 is the developer of BreachDetect, the time machine for enterprise breach detection, which is derived from technology developed for and used by the nation's leading law enforcement and intelligence agencies to analyze network communications and uncover digital footprints associated with suspects-of-interest (SOI). SS8 BreachDetect leverages this expertise to enable enterprises to detect previously unknown threats on their network, and devices-of-interest that have been compromised.

WHAT: Over the past year, SS8 has conducted breach detection risk assessments on live production networks for companies in key industries including critical infrastructure, retail and education using its SS8 BreachDetect platform. Approximately five billion high-definition records (HDRs) from production networks have been analyzed in 2016 to produce the Threat Rewind Report.

The SS8 Threat Rewind Report summarizes the top evasion and exfiltration techniques actively being used by attackers in the production networks assessed by the company in 2016.

WHY: According to Verizon's 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report, the average dwell time for undetected network breaches is more than 200 days. Meanwhile, the total consolidated cost of a data breach was at $4 million, according to the 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study, conducted by Ponemon Institute. The Threat Rewind Report was published to help educate and better-prepare today's enterprises about the most sophisticated attack techniques hiding in today's networks and evading preventative cybersecurity defenses.

WHERE: A copy of the report is available at

WHEN: The report is available now.

HOW: To schedule a conversation with SS8 security researchers, please email or call 781-237-0341.

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SS8 is a time machine for breach detection. SS8 applies today's knowledge to history to find breaches now that you didn't know about before. By generating, storing and analyzing months, and even years, of enriched intelligence from all communications flows, SS8 customers benefit from unprecedented content- and context-aware insights that allows them to find the threats that matter most. SS8 is trusted by six of the world's largest intelligence agencies, five of the 10 largest communications providers and two of the world's largest critical infrastructure entities. Learn more at

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The networks assessed by SS8 exhibited the presence of the above evasion and exfiltration activity.