HONG KONG, CHINA--(Marketwired - Dec 15, 2016) - Vpon releases the latest Hong Kong mobile advertising data report, revealing Hong Kong mobile market and mobile users' behaviors. An in-depth analysis of 16 audience segments has been conducted to unveil their online behavior, providing insights for advertisers to formulate optimal mobile advertising strategy.

Uncovering New Business Opportunities from Big Data

Vpon has identified 16 audience segments based on mobile users' behavior. These segments respond differently not only toward various kinds of ads, but also in different periods of time throughout the day. Take the segment -- "World Explorers" as an example. "World Explorers" are most active at night time and highly engaged in airline and travel services ads, while "Property Searchers" are active during daytime (8a.m.-3p.m.). Besides property ads, this segment of "Property Searchers" also shows interest in airline ads.

Arthur Chan, Hong Kong General Manager at Vpon Big Data Group, said that this analysis clearly illustrates a fact that the importance of audience buying cannot be underestimated. Chan added, "It is said that the approach of audience buying helps brands reach the target audience more precisely than ever and ensures every single marketing penny is worth spending. However, many advertisers have overlooked the core value of big data -- uncovering new business opportunities."

For example, when it comes to automotive brands, advertisers tend to put the majority of the ad budget on the segments of "Automotive Enthusiasts" and "Finance Gurus" who have been stereotyped as high potential car buyers; however, thanks to Vpon's big data analytics, the ad budget allocation decision can be made by insights and may discover a blue ocean -- "Modern Mama" in this case, allowing advertisers to unlock new opportunities.

The Rise of Video Ads

The data report indicates that mobile users prefer Wi-Fi to cellular when accessing internet. However, the proportion of using two connection types is interestingly almost the same when users are using apps under the video app category. Arthur explained that this result matched today's phenomenon -- mobile users love watching movies and dramas on their smart devices in commute. "Advertisers have to adjust their advertising strategy in respond to the trend. It is a must for brands to increase their video advertising budget on mobile channel in the 'mobile-first era'. To accomplish the goal of branding, it is time for advertisers to think a way to augment brand-customer engagement level, ways like integrating interactive elements in the video ads," he added.

Samsung Loses Ground in Smartphone Market

The smartphone market in Hong Kong remains the battlefield of two tech giants, Apple and Samsung, which accounts for over 70% of market share in total. Nonetheless, Samsung's market share was stolen by smartphone brands including SONY, Hauwei, and HTC in Q3 2016, which leads to a sudden 4% market share fall in one quarter. According to the data report, although Apple was fail to capture the market share, it remains at the level around 35%.

To download the full report of "2016 Q3 Hong Kong Mobile Advertising Data Report," please go to the following link: http://www.vpon.com/en-us/Vpon_2016-Q3_HK.html

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