HOLLYWOOD, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 15, 2016) - bBooth, Inc. (OTCQB: BBTH), the Hollywood-based digital technology company, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with premier B2B lead generation firm, Sapper Consulting to introduce bBooth's 'Video-First' CRM and Lead Generation platform to large consumer brands and enterprise users.

"Sapper Consulting has hit it out of the park for us," states bBooth, Inc. CEO Rory J. Cutaia. "Sapper clients include Fortune 500 companies and span a broad range of industries including professional and financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, IT, technology and marketing, all of whom fall directly into our sweet spot of targeted bNotifi users," continues Cutaia. 

"It's exciting to work with the bBooth team to introduce this amazing new technology," states Sapper Consulting CEO Jeff Winters. "It's thrilling to see the reaction from senior marketing executives at major consumer brands and enterprises after they experience the power of the bNotifi enterprise platform. Their excitement about the technology and desire to incorporate it into their marketing programs is like nothing I've ever seen. It's truly next generation technology," continues Winters.

"We didn't just make video the focus of the prospect and customer communications delivered through our platform -- we made the video interactive; but not as a simple sidebar alongside the video window that you see in a handful of products coming to market today -- we actually embed interactivity into the videos themselves in ways that we've not seen anyone do," states Cutaia. "Our videos appear almost three-dimensional, playing right on top of whatever desktop content our targeted recipients may be interacting with at the time. A click on one of our enhanced videos can open an ecommerce shopping cart, bring up an order form, or even an interactive survey -- right in the video -- without leaving the screen. This is all done without the need for a browser having to be open on the recipient's device".

"In fact, we can even auto-launch a browser on recipients' devices and take them to a webpage to provide more information about a product or induce impulse buying capability. Imagine clicking on an ad in your favorite social media, a model comes walking-out onto your screen, you click on the blouse of the model and get instant pricing, availability, or even complete a purchase. You can do this and more with bNotifi," continues Cutaia.

About bBooth:

bBooth, Inc. (OTCQB: BBTH) is a Hollywood-based digital tech company. We develop and license cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales lead generation, and social engagement software on mobile and desktop platforms for sales-based organizations, consumer brands, and artists seeking greater levels of customer, consumer, and fan engagement. Our software platform can accommodate a single direct sales representative, yet is enterprise-class scalable to meet the needs of today's global organizations. We've re-invented what a CRM, lead-gen tool should be in today's video-centric social environment. Our service is built around our proprietary 'Video-First' bNotifi technology, which places interactive video front and center in all customer and prospect communications. 

For more information on bBooth, visit www.bBooth.com.

About Sapper Consulting:

At Sapper Consulting, we help our clients win new customers. If you are a business selling your products or services to other businesses, we can help you grow your customer base. With all of the noise, options, and smoke and mirrors clouding the digital marketing landscape, we've created a simple strategy that works. If you are looking to win more customers and increase top line, contact us. We schedule sales meetings for clients across the U.S at which they can sell their products and/or services. We're different from others in the space because the meetings we schedule overwhelmingly result in new customers. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to startups and span a broad range of industries including professional and financial services, start-ups, manufacturing, healthcare, IT, technology and marketing. Our solutions are tailored specifically to meet each client's unique needs.

For more information on Sapper Consulting, visit www.sapperconsulting.com.

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