SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 16, 2016) - Today, Zinc ( announced two new features to enrich its enterprise communication platform: Broadcasts and Organizations. Deskless workers operate in a wide array of environments and teams throughout their workday, and Broadcasts and Organizations offer new ways to communicate with these fluid groups quickly and intuitively in one secure tool. Zinc combines a user-friendly mobile platform with enterprise-grade security and administration to connect workers inside and outside the office.

Broadcasts solves a key pain point for companies with deskless workers: quickly and reliably getting important information to on-the-move employees who may not see emails during the day. With Zinc Broadcasts, companies can separate urgent and priority messages from day-to-day conversations, putting vital information like safety warnings or company announcements in an integrated Broadcast Center in the Zinc app. Broadcasts are now more effective and interactive, with the ability to include links to both web and mobile app resources. Additionally, broadcast analytics give administrators real-time visibility to who has seen a particular message -- crucial information when dealing with time-sensitive safety issues on job sites.

"There is no one-size-fits-all communication tool when it comes to businesses with mobile needs -- not all companies work like software companies," said Stacey Epstein, CEO of Zinc. "Construction companies need to coordinate and share information with multiple contractors daily. A shopping mall might need to send an important safety alert out to employees in dozens of different stores. Short of a PA system or email, there's no good way to do that. Broadcasts and Organizations let people from multiple organizations communicate as easily as if they were from their own company and get important information to the right people when it matters most."

Organizations creates a customizable network of workers that can span any number of companies or groups. All messages live in one central feed -- eliminating the need to switch inboxes or platforms -- so teams with multiple partners are able to connect with ease, as if they are part of the same company. Utilizing a shared directory, users can easily discover and connect with the most relevant contacts for their work even if they don't know their full name or email, making communication seamless regardless of who they work for. Administrators can also easily add and remove users from groups and conversations if the workforce changes quickly and often.

"Zinc is helping industries which have traditionally relied on either archaic communication technology or old school bulletin boards and phone trees that just don't fit into the mobile technology people carry every day," said Zinc's Chief Product Officer John Stetic. "Organizations and Broadcasts are born from users' needs and designed for the mobile devices they use all day, every day. We believe that communication should be simple and clear, with rich interactivity to have detailed conversation and powerful reach to cut through the noise."

About Zinc
Zinc is a San Francisco-based company connecting deskless and mobile workers with their colleagues both inside and outside the office. Zinc combines a full-featured communication platform that employees love, with the security and administrative features that businesses need. Backed by Charles River Ventures and Emergence Capital Partners, Zinc's mission is to inform and empower workers in industries underserved by technology. For more information, visit the website and follow @Zinc on Twitter.