HONG KONG, CHINA--(Marketwired - Dec 17, 2016) - Human Health Holdings Limited ("Human Health" or the "Group") (stock code: 1419), a leading private integrated healthcare services provider in Hong Kong, is pleased to announce that its first flagship integrated medical centre "Shanghai Human Health Out-patient Clinic" in Huangpu District, Puxi, Shanghai has officially opened. This marks an important milestone for Human Health in its development in China.

As part of its strategic business development plan in China, the Group cooperates with "Ping An Hao Yi Sheng" to expand its presence in the China market. "Ping An Hao Yi Sheng" provides a new form of internet medical services to over 100 million users. It can also transfer patients to "Shanghai Human Health Out-patient Clinic" and other medical centres to be opened by the Group, hence expediting the Group's development and penetration in China as well as building a comprehensive out-patient clinic network to provide convenient and effective medical services for people in China.

"Shanghai Human Health Out-patient Clinic" is located in the central business district of Huangpu District, Puxi, occupying a space of over 1,000 sq. m. Opening an integrated medical centre in this prime area not only allows Human Health to optimise the medical facilities in the vicinity, but also brings the Group's brand to mid-to high-end customers. The first flagship integrated medical centre of Human Health in Shanghai provides comprehensive medical services in disciplines including general practice, gynaecology, paediatrics, dermatology and aesthetics, dental, internal medicine and mental health counselling services and its professional medical team is made up of doctors and nurses with local and overseas experience. "Shanghai Human Health Out-patient Clinic" introduces the leading and professional medical management experience of Human Health in Hong Kong and combines it with the internet business experience of "Ping An Hao Yi Sheng". A team of general practitioners and specialists provides consultation services and remote professional consultation services, as well as the effective delivery of healthcare services catering for the needs of patients. This flagship medical centre adopts the management model as well as the family medicine concept in Hong Kong.

As always, the Group places great emphasis on the quality of medical services and workflow. By formulating guidelines to achieve standardised medical diagnosis and treatment flow, the flagship integrated medical centres provides comprehensive medical services. Mr. WANG Tao, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ping An Health Cloud and Founder of "Ping An Hao Yi Sheng", said, "'Ping An Hao Yi Sheng' is a leading one-stop full-process O2O health management and medical service platform in China with 120 million registered users. The cooperation with Human Health is like a bridge that links up offline medical treatments and insurance-covered medical services. With a team of family physicians together with the auxiliary diagnosis system on-line, medical services including preventive care medicine and medical triage, can be provided to users. Furthermore, referrals can also be arranged for users to Human Health's specialist medical centres in Hong Kong to have further examinations and treatments when needed." Human Health owns a strong network of specialist medical centres in Hong Kong that are strategically located in different parts of the city. The "PolyHealth Specialists cum Concept Centre" located in Kowloon Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui, which is at the heart of Hong Kong, gathers specialties services, high-end dental services and medical aesthetic services all under one roof. The transportation hub nearby guarantees the centre is easily accessible, hence it is set to become a service connection point for mainland patients who are referred to Hong Kong.

Mr. CHAN Kin Ping, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director of Human Health, said, "The opening of 'Shanghai Human Health Out-patient Clinic' is an important milestone for the Group in terms of entering the China market. The private medical services industry in China has been growing quickly in the past few years. With the country pushing ahead with a 'multilevel medical system', we believe that both private and community medical services will become more popular. Our cooperation with 'Ping An Hao Yi Sheng' will also allow the Group to capture opportunities arising from the rapid growth of the medical services industry. We are confident that, with our expertise and brand reputation, it will definitely help to build a solid foundation for Human Health in China and add a new growth driver to our businesses. Looking ahead, we hope to leverage the experiences and technologies gained from managing and operating the medical centre in Shanghai to expand in the China market in a prudent and disciplined manner. We will establish more integrated medical centres in other first-tier cities so as to seize the immense opportunities in the country."

About Human Health Holdings Limited
Established in 1997, Human Health Holdings Limited is a leading private integrated healthcare service provider in Hong Kong. With comprehensive outpatient capabilities covering general practice services, specialties services and dental services, the Group provides medical services through a strategic network comprising 68 medical centres and 119 service points across all 18 districts in Hong Kong under six main brands - Human Health Integrated Medical Centre, Human Health Medical Centre, Perfect Life, Polyhealth Specialists, Poly Dental and KosDerm Medical Aesthetic and Laser Centre. Its corporate motto "From Our Heart -- For Your Health" summarises how Human Health has forged its strong reputation with a mission of providing patient-centred and quality-focused services. For more details about Human Health, please visit the Group's official website: www.humanhealth.com.hk

About Ping An Hao Yi Sheng
"Ping An Hao Yi Sheng" entered into service in April 2015, as an O2O healthcare and medical service platform set up by Pingan Health Internet Holdings Limited (stock code: 2318), a member of Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.. Adopting the O2O mode, it provides customers with a rich variety of personalised medical and health management services via the offer of online diagnosis service, complemented with Big Data mining, analysis and application. As in December 2016, it has over 120 million registered users and provided consultation on average to more than 350,000 people a day, making it the mobile medical application with the widest user coverage in China.

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