CULVER CITY, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 20, 2016) - eWellness Healthcare Corporation, (OTCQB: EWLL) is the first telehealth company for physical therapy to offer insurance reimbursable remotely monitored physical therapy (PT) treatments. The Company is pleased to announce that it successfully launched a new PHZIO PT clinic on-boarding website that includes a telehealth profitability calculator to illustrate to prospective PT clinics the additional profits they can make by utilizing the PHZIO platform.

Telehealth is an emerging field within the physical therapy industry. Most traditional physical therapy practices operate on a one-to-one basis with patients. One physical therapist treats one patient during a session. This model will typically enable a Clinical PT to treat 8-12 patients per day.

Our PHZIO telehealth solution focuses on the delivery of Digital Treatments in conjunction with traditional in-clinic treatments. Digital Treatments are a combination of therapeutic videos that patients follow while being remotely monitored by a Physical Therapist in real-time.

Further, PHZIO enables PT's to monitor more than one patient concurrently. This capability dramatically scales the capacity of an individual PT within a PT practice. An increase in PT capacity directly relates to the gross profitability of a given PT clinic using the PHZIO telehealth solution.

In the graphical examples shown, the capacity of the PT increases from 12 patients per day to 21 patients per day. This represents an increase of revenue generating capacity of approximately 80% per PT.

To highlight this value generation to existing and prospective Physical Therapy Clinics, the Company has launched a new PHZIO website that includes a Telehealth Calculator for Physical Therapy.

PT Clinic Owners can enter custom operating values to quickly see the impact PHZIO will have on their operating gross profits. The calculator brings to light new options for operational control a Clinic Owner will have by embracing Digital Treatments as a percentage of total treatments.

To view the PHZIO Telehealth Calculator online, visit: .

For additional information on eWellness Healthcare Corporation and its PHZIO telemedicine products please contact, Mr. Darwin Fogt, CEO Tel: 855-470-1700.

About eWellness
eWellness Healthcare Corporation (OTCQB: EWLL) is the first physical therapy telemedicine company to offer insurance reimbursable real-time distance monitored treatments. Our business model is to license our PHZIO ("PHZIO") platform to any physical therapy ("PT") clinic in the U.S. and or have large-scale employers use our PHZIO platform as a fully PT monitored corporate wellness program. The Company's PHZIO home physical therapy exercise platform has been designed to disrupt the $30 billion physical therapy and the $8 billion corporate wellness industries. PHZIO re-defines the way physical therapy can be delivered. PHZIO is the first real-time remote monitored 1-to-many physical therapy platform for home use. Due to the real-time patient monitoring feature, the PHZIO platform is insurance reimbursable by payers such as: Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

The PHZIO Solution: A New Physical Therapy Delivery System

  • SaaS technology platform solution for providers bundling rehabilitation services and employer wellness programs;

  • First real-time remote monitored 1-to-many physical therapy treatment platform for home use;

  • Ability for physical therapists to observe multiple patients simultaneously in real-time;

  • Solves what has been a structural problem and limitation in post-acute care practice growth; and

  • Allows PT practices to generate increased revenues due to higher adherence and compliance rates.

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